How to be an expert explorer!

Since I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of our B.C adventures on my Instagram stories (follow here!), I’ve been getting lots of DM’s requesting I share a travel guide for the places we went!  Well don’t you worry- I’m one step ahead of you! We’ve been vlogging the trip so we can share with you all when we’re done!

Until then, I thought I would share how we decide what we’re going to do while exploring a new place.  Here are a few tips for becoming the your very own tour guide!

1.)The biggest keep secret (insert sarcasm) TripAdvisor!  This app is amazing for planning out your daily adventures which obviously includes where you’re going to eat.  The app is set up very easily in categories such as places to eat, things to do, shopping, accommodations, etc.  Read the reviews check the rating- if you’re still needing a little more information on something just google it! 

2.) Strike up a conversation with locals! Most often they are very proud of their community and love sharing things to do! They will likely have more recommendations than you’ll have time for!road to hana hawaii

3.) Instagram! This is one of my favourite resources for finding places I want to go.  Simply search the location and see what pops up! We have found countless gems using Instagram locations. 

4.) And last, of course, you can do a good old fashioned google search.  I like to look for travel bloggers that have visited the area and have suggestions on things to do.  I encourage you to do this as they usually have tips on the little details like things to take with you, where to park, how long the adventure will take you, etc!

There you have it!  I hope this helps on your next adventure!