Thrift Thruday Featuring Hanger and Rack

Ahh! I am SO exciting about this new segment, THRIFT THURSDAY! If you’ve been around here for a bit now, you’re likely familiar with Try On Tuesdays. Don’t worry, those aren’t going away. I love supporting local businesses and I will contiue to do so with that series. BUT, it’s obvious there is an enviromental crisis and there is no denying the clothing industy is a major contributing factor. Through this new series, I hope to encourage and inspire you all to think about thrifting as naturally as you would about buying brand new. When we “need” a new dress, I put need in quotations because do we really NEED a new dress… likely not. But when we “need” something like a new dress or clothes for work very few of us (me included) think of going to a second hand store. We either head down to our local boutique or go online to see what we can find. Now, let’s be real, I am JUST as guilty as anyone with this. In fact, I am likely worse, as my job is to help you guys find those things that you “need”. But, we all have to start somewhere and I hope to start doing a lot more thrifting and consigning. It’s good for the environment, it’s much more affordable AND let’s be honest is there anthing cooler than being able to say “it’s vintage” when someone asks where you jacket is from? Ya, didn’t think so.
I’m not confident every Thursday will be Thrift Thursday just yet but I will try to do it as often as I can! Each time will be different. Some weeks I will feature a thrift store that I have found, others will be me doing a try on session featuring some of the pieces I will be dropping off at Hanger and Rack and others might feature a new Thrift IG account I am following and loving. As you can tell, this is new and I am still working out the details so if you have any ideas please share!

So, let’t get this party started, shall we?! I am over the moon excited to be partnering with Hanger and Rack for my first ever Thrift Thursday. If you watch my IG stories consistantly, you’ll likely have heard of Hanger and Rack. I discovered this BEAUTY of a consignment store last year. The second I walked in, it felt different. It is easily the most beautiful consignment store I’ve ever been in. Every detail from the stunning floral feature wall to the gold fixtures makes you feel as if you’re shopping at a designer store… and well, I guess you technically are! They have tonnes of amazing designer brands that range in sizes from 2XS to 3XL.

I try to make it a habit to stop in as often as I can. I beleive that is the key to finding gems, like this leather fringe jacket that I’m FULLY obssessed with.  I pulled it off the hanger and instantly fell in love with it.  From the second I saw the fringe I imagined all the country concerts and festivals I would wear it to. Because I have a crazy amount of clothes, I decided I didn’t need it and left it.  Well, that night I dreamt about it.  I woke up and continued to think about, so I got in my Jeep and crossed my fingers it was still there. It was… BEST DAY EVER! $60 for a genuine vintage leather jacket, um YES!

This jacket is one of MANY amazing pieces they have in store and this comes down to the standards they hold for their consigners.  They have high standards and it shows.  They carefully examine each item as they are looking for quality pieces that are on trend, in good condition, and are also in season.  If you’re looking to consign with Hanger & Rack, check out the details below!  *Since this graphic has been made they now ask that you call ahead and make an appointment!

Speaking of consigning, I just dropped off two rubbermaid containers full of goodies and I plan to continue to do this about once a month. I am lucky enough to have a closet FULL of beautiful clothes. I love them all, but I truly do not need that many clothes. My clothes will be exclusive to Hanger and Rack and I plan to share each time I drop off clothing, that way if something has caught your eye you will have a good chance of grabbing it at a discounted price!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this new series! If you happen to stop by Hanger and Rack, please tag us Instagram @teachme_style  @hangerandrackconsignment so we can see what you found!!