Stor- X Closet Reveal

I am SO excited to finally share the dream closet Stor-X created for me! If you’re new around here, I bought a house in May (took possession in June) and then started renovating! What started out as a “just a small kitchen reno” quickly turned into every inch of the house being completely redone and let’s be honest, I’m not mad about it.  So basically, what I’m trying to say is this is the first of many reveal blog posts!

Originally, I had no intention of turning the third bedroom into a closet but Stor-X reached out and asked if I needed help with storage in my house and boy did I ever. Lee and I moved in together in August and let me tell you merging two thirty something year olds houses is a task! We both have a lot… in particular, clothes.  So when the Stor-X team asked if they could help, I tasked them with the closets.  When I presented them with the idea of turning the third bedroom into my walk in closet they were just as excited as I was.  Diana from the Stor- X team was an absolute DREAM to work with! A few weeks later, I sat down with Diana to begin the planning. I am a very visual person so the program she used to design the closets was perfect. I was able to see exactly how it was going to look with the 3D rendering.  As we got started, I will admit I was shocked at the options. I  honestly just thought I would have some long hang spots, short hang, and a shoe shelf, but Diana had other tricks up her sleeve: a jewellery drawer, a built in ironing board, a tie rack for Lee, gold hardware, adjustable shelves, a beautiful light wood finish, hanging racks, and so much more. Make sure you check out the closet highlight on my IG to see these features in action.

Okay, enough of me chatting… check out the photos!

When I originally sat down with Diana from the Stor-X team all I knew was that I had a lot of clothes that needed a home. In all my previous places, my clothes were jammed into closets so tight that I couldn’t see what I had, often forgetting about items. Diana opened my eyes to the many possibilities I could have for my closet. She offered suggestions (the jewellery drawer) and asked many questions to figure out what organization system best fit my storage needs.  She also took note of the rest of my house and suggested finishings that would tie everything together… the gold pulls go perfectly with the rest of my house!

If you didn’t notice from the photos above, the walk in closet is all mine. I know, I know BUT Lee got a closet too, don’t you worry! Although it’s not as extravagant as mine it is absolutely perfect for him.  Lee owns his own home that is much larger than mine and still agreed to moving in with me, how lucky am I!? In his home, he has a walk in closet so when we moved in together it was important for me that he have a closet that he loves.  With the team at Stor- X we were able to do just that! Although the physical size of the closet is smaller, he has informed me that because of the layout of the closet he in fact has MORE space! The organization of the small space is key… I suppose size doesn’t always matter 😉

Whether you’re in the middle of a home build, a reno, or you’re just wanting to organize your home, I highly recommend Diana and the team at Stor-x! You can check out her website here, give Diana a call at 306-461-8973 or send her an email at

Special thanks to Stor-X  for sponsoring this this post! And thank YOU for supporting all of the brands I love to work with on Teach Me Style, I couldn’t do it without you!