Flex’n With Bey

To my American followers, I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and your Tuesday wasn’t too Monday-ish!  A few weekends back we (Canadians) celebrated what we call May long.  Technically we are celebrating the Queen’s (Victoria) birthday so what is more fitting than going to see Queen Bey herself… am I right?!

SO when it’s the long weekend and you’re on a budget what do you do? ROAD TRIP!! Huge thanks again to Ford for lending me this saweeet Ford Flex.  First thing that came to mind when they offered me the Flex over e-mail was Will Ferrell… If you haven’t watched Daddy’s Home you won’t get that reference, if you have you’re welcome for the laugh.

Although the Flex didn’t have massaging seats like the Explorer (ugh, that was totally amazing) it did have a tonne of other features that kept us girls happier than pigs in S&!t.  In fact, we joked that the vehicle was smarter than us.  Features that had us questioning who was smarter, the Flex or us:

-the cruise control.  This vehicle would sense when there was a car in front of us going slower and automatically slow down. It would then speed up when I get into the other lane to pass… crazy, right?!
-sensors in the mirror that would let you know when someone was in your blind spot… genius.
-a bright red light flashes if someone in front of you breaks suddenly.  This scared me at first but I quickly realized it was an amazing feature that more vehicles should have.  We decided this would prevent many pile up collisions.
– the automatic wipers unfortunetly came in handy as it rained/poured nearly the entire weekend.
-the push button transforming seats. Literally one button to another 3 feet of storage for all our shopping bags… not that it was needed 😉
-the sunroofs in the back were awesome as well! Nice for the passengers trapped in the back!IMG_8555 IMG_8556

IMG_8632 IMG_8567 IMG_8649 IMG_8636

IMG_8643I’m not going to go on and on about the Beyonce concert because if you were there you know how friggin’ amazing it was and if you weren’t… I’m sorry! Here are a few pics from the weekend… I didn’t take a lot I was a busy bee on snapchat… holly_horvath


It was hard to dress cute as it was freezing and pouring rain. We all decided on a million layers and leather coats! Twinning times two!


Thanks, Shauna for organizing the last minute trip! XOXO


The Queen…


The rain basically held off until the song, Halo… then when the fireworks went off, it poured, she seriously could not of planned it any better… it was amazing!! I saved my hair by wrapping my head in my blanket scarf… the blanket scarf saves the day, again!

What did you get up to on your long weekend?!