My Favourite Podcasts

Hello, Beauties!! Brandon, Jon (Brandon’s best friend) and I are now in Vancouver after 5 days in Kelowna! Don’t worry I will be doing a full recap vlog for you all including ALL the places we ate because that’s pretty much all we did, haha!

But for now, I figured I would share my current favourite podcasts because let’s face it, being on a two week road trip with two guys doesn’t make for the best conversation, LOL!  Podcasts and headphones to the rescue!!

1.) Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine:  HILARIOUS.  I am a huge fan of Kaitlyn.  I love her humour.  Also, she doesn’t give AF and I appreciate that.  If you’re looking for something motivating or inspiring this probably isn’t for you but if you want something light hearted and funny tune in.

2.) TED Radio Hour: Everyone loves a good TED talk, am I right?!  TED Radio Hour takes the best of those TED talks and condenses them diving into ideas, inventions and new ways to think and create. Need to feel inspired? I suggest subscribing to this one!

3.) The Skinny Confidential: Blogger, Podcaster, Youtuber- I stumbled upon this one by accident and I’ve been loving it!  You’ll find tips on blogging, interviews with celebrities, life advice, and tonnes of laughs.

4.) PRIV Talks: I hesitated on including this one ONLY for the simple fact that they haven’t quite figured out their volume levels.  One of the girls speaks crazy loud to the point where it feels like my eardrum is bursting, while the others are so quiet, which makes for a less than ideal listening experience.  However, they do have some pretty great guests including Jillian Harris and ya’ll know my love for her! They interview boss babes from all different industries which usually ends with you feeling motivated and inspired.

5.) Damsel In Dior:  Okay, I know this is last on the list but it is likely one of my favourites.  Jacey Duprie is the genius behind the blog Damsel In Dior and not only is she beautiful, she is frickin’ hilarious super real/raw.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve loved and followed her blog for so long or what it is but I always thoroughly enjoy her podcasts.  Downfall… she doesn’t upload all that often.

Also, while I have your attention how adorable is this blush faux suede moto jacket I grabbed from Forever 21 (under $65!!) when we were in Vancouver last month?! Moto jackets are PERFECT for transitioning your wardrobe to the fall season!