Color Block Maxi

Good morning from Kelowna, B.C! If you’re following along on my Instagram stories then you’d know we are on a B.C roadtrip for the next two weeks!

We flew to Calgary yesterday morning  afternoon… we missed our morning flight!!! For no apparent reason, LOL! Brandon is the planner in our house.  He likes planning our trips and is quite good at it! He almost always books our flights and accommodations.  Because he does all the bookings I rarely pay attention to flight times and for some reason he had it in his head that our flight left at 10:30am when in fact in left at 10:00!!  SO, when we arrived at the airport at 9:30 for our flight we had missed the cutoff! YIKES!!!  If you’re reading this and you know B you would know this is NOT like him. I would do something like this, but not B, haha! Anyways, Westjet was amazing as per usual and got us on the next flight out free of charge, thank you Westjet!!!! Has this ever happened to you!?

So missing our flight was fail #1.  Fail #2 is not packing this color block maxi dress!! I don’t know what I was thinking, clearly I wasn’t.   It would have been absolutely perfect for a dinner at Qual’s Gate, damn it!! I got this from Shein a couple months ago and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it, sigh* looks like I’ll keep waiting, haha!

I’ve been getting lots of questions about ordering from Shein lately.  I order from them quite often and have had great luck with all of there stuff. It’s a great site to find trendy and affordable items! However, I am diligent about reading the reviews and looking at the Style Gallery.   Once you click on an item, scroll down and look at the reviews. I only select things that have a tonne of reviews along with pictures!!! They also have what’s called a Style Gallery this is where people who purchase the item can upload photos of themselves styling it.  This way you can see real people in the items.  It’s easy to see the fit and quality in these photos.

But for real… wouldn’t this dress be just perfect for a nice dinner date at a fancy winery!? #fail