Vacation Shopping Inspo!


Yes, that’s in all caps, I’m yelling because I am excited.  January always seems to be endless.  We start out strong with new goals and the best of intentions to start the year our right but frick is January long… the days are short, it’s dark and cold as hell.  UGH- I’m so over it and thank goodness it is actually over… thank you, next! *will that song reference ever get old? *nope!

February on the other hand is amazing.  Valentine’s Day, a week off if you’re a teacher, AND it’s my birthday! Best month, ever!

I am heading for sunshine mid month and so as always I placed a few online orders for my trip!  If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely do the same so I thought I would share some of the goodies I found.  If you’re leaving for February break (around the 15th) you’ll want to place your orders ASAP to ensure they make it before you leave!

Happy Shopping!!

Are you heading somewhere hot this winter?! If so, tell me where!!