My Five-Minute Journal Review

If you follow me on IG you may have noticed me posting about The 5 -Minute Journal.  I’ve had a few questions about it so I thought I would let you all know what it’s about, why I started it, and if I’m enjoying it.

It all started on my journey to get a good sleep, you may remember me complaining about this a few months back.  I promise I have a big post coming out about it very soon but it is taking me longer than I thought- apparently I have lots to share on the topic!  Anyways, one of the things I read time and time again as I researched how to get a good sleep was setting a bedtime routine.  Well, duh! Why the f didn’t I think of this?!  As a child I typically had a pretty specific bedtime routine: snack, bath, books, then bed.  Why wasn’t I doing this for myself as an adult… clearly I needed it! Like I said before, I’ll go over my bedtime routine in more detail in future post, but a small part of it is The Five-Minute Journal.

What is it?

It is a guided journal that actually takes 5 minutes (or less) a day.  It’s broken up into 2 sections, morning and night.  I have always loved the idea of journaling but never really knew where to start.  I always felt weird writing down my day to day activities and feelings so having a guide has helped.

Is it just a journal?

No! The first 46 pages break down the science behind the journal. Do not skip over this, it a very important part of the process.

What is the point of this journal? 

Well, to be honest if you’re asking this question I’m going to assume it’s not for you.  For me, it’s about daily reflection, setting goals, holding myself accountable, and daily affirmations. I love the idea of looking back at my days years from now and seeing what amazing things happened on a random -50 degree celcius winter day… you’d be surprised about how many amazing things can happen!

What do you like so much about it?

So many things:

I love the routine of it.  I look forward to reaching for it every morning as I take my first sip of morning coffee.

I love that it forces me to think of three amazing things that happened that day even if it was a real shit storm of a day. Falling asleep reflecting and focussing on the good things allows for a much better sleep!

I love that it forces me to practice gratitude.

I love that every morning I physically write down what would make today great.  I am manifesting what kind of day I want to have and my actions throughout the day help to make this happen.  *there is a whole section that explains this at the beginning of the book.

I love the weekly challenges.  They come on a different day every week and they are all different.  Last week it was write a physical gratitude letter to your friend and give it to them.  This week is watch your favourite uplifting movie this week…  so fun!

I love that it holds me accountable by asking the question what could have made today even better? Yesterday I literally wrote if I wasn’t such a grumpy pants, LOL. Today I wasn’t a grumpy pants and you’ll be happy to know I had a MUCH better day.

… and I could go on but I really think you should try it for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it!
You can buy the journal here!