My Updated Hair Routine

Ask a few dozen times and you shall receive, haha!  This blog post/ video is very highly requested which makes me feel real good… it means you must like my hair, so thank you!

Here is a more in depth tutorial from a few years ago. My current routine is pretty much the same minus a few different products!

If you’re not interested in watching the video above, you can find a more condensed version in my Instagram highlights here!

And if you’re not interested in watching or listening to me talk (I totally get it lol) here are the step by step instructions:

Step 1:
Wash & Condition with Ouai Shampoo and Conditioner.  If your hair is SUPER dry and you want to take the time to do a mask, I highly recommend EVO The Great Hydrator Moisture.  It is hands down my favourite. I have repurchased this product many times!  It is on the pricy side but you honestly don’t need a lot so it lasts.

Step 2:  

Comb out your locks and apply drybar Southern Belle Volumizing Mouse starting at the roots then bringing the extra down to the ends.  Next add Aveda Phomollient starting at the ends.  You don’t need this at the roots.  If you are only going to use one… choose this!! It is SO important, it is what holds the curls.

Step 3:

Wander around your house aimlessly until your hair is like 25% ish dry. Make yourself a coffee or better yet grab yourself a wine… the next step is annoying.

Step 4:

Round brush blow dry your hair.  This is tricky to explain that’s why I videoed it.  But basically section your hair into small sections, apply the round brush to your scalp, and then dry it for a few seconds, then pull it down…. again, very hard to explain, perhaps fast forward to this section of the video.  *Important, blow dry the front top section forward!! It makes such a difference!

Step 5:

Section your hair off the same way you did before.  Then take your wand and curl the hair away from your face! *Hack- curl the bottom ones in bigger sections to save time!

Step 6:

Once you’re done curling (if you have time) give your hair a few minutes to set.  This will help them last longer! Brush through with your fingers or a brush whichever you choose.  Spray with Living Proof Perfect Hair Days body builder.  I love this product because it is adds volume (I can never get enough!) and it isn’t sticky- I can still run my fingers through my hair which is super important to me… you would know this if you watch my stories lol!

Step 7:

And the cherry on top… Oribe Nourishing Gold Lush Hair Oil.  Keep this away from your roots.  Start half way down and run through to the ends. Smells like heaven and makes your hair SOOO shiny! Available locally at Sara Lindsay The Makeup Store!


Other FAQ:

What do you do with your hair at night to make the curls last?
Nothing! I never have had to do anything… they just last. I know some people sleep with it in a braid or top knot but I don’t.

Who does your hair?
I have gone to a few hairstylists over the last few years but most recently I went to Nadine at Saffyre Salon.  I would highly recommend her, she is great!

How often do you get your hair done?
Hmmm… maybe once a year.  Confession, nothing against Nadine or any hairstylists, but I really don’t like getting my hair done.  I have A LOT of hair so it takes hours and I am so impatient, lol!

Do you have extensions?
Nope!  I have had many offers from brand/ stylists to get them but I am just really not interested.  I love my natural hair.  I am a low maintenance kind of gal so extensions of any kind don’t really interest me.  If I was going to do any, I would do clip ins just to add to a braid or something!

How often do you wash your hair?
Is it bad if I say once a week… lol! Bur for real, usually once or twice!  It takes some time and you have to train your hair but once you do your hair produces less oils therefore you need to wash less!

What’s your favourite kind of dry shampoo?
This is a tough one… my all time favourite is still EVO Water Killer but if I’m on a budget I will get the Big Sexy Hair Push Up! They are both great!

What’s your favourite scrunchie line?
I have tried many over the years and they are all very cute.  But I must say Charleigh Wren (YQR local, whoop whoop!)  & Chelsea King are my two favourites.  They are adorable but more importantly they aren’t too tight.  I have super thick hair so if the elastic is too tight it is super uncomfortable to wrap around twice.

What colour does your hairstylist use?
I legit have no clue! Also, I feel like it’s not necessarily the colour its the skill of your hairstylist!

Well, there you have it! I think I have answered every possible question I can!!  But, if I’ve missed something please leave it in the comment section below and I will make sure to add it to this post!