Local Love: The Little Big Plant Company

I was first introduced The Little Big Plant Company while taking a macrame class with Loops and Leaves a few months back.  The second I walked in I was totally caught off guard, in the best way possible.  The decor, the plants… WOW!!! Perhaps that’s the reason I didn’t quite get the hang of the whole macrame thing, LOL!  But seriously, if you haven’t checked out The Little Big Plant Company yet you MUST! I am a wannabe plant lady and I have a tonne of plants in my place, and let’s just say none of them are really thriving more like barely surviving.  My mom is constantly reminding me to water, fertilize, and dead head (whatever that means).

I must give myself some credit, since visiting with Rochelle from TLBPC I have been doing much better.  I used to go to Home Depot or Rona and poke around their greenhouse looking for what I thought was the most beautiful plants. I’d bring them home and without fail in a few weeks or months, if I was lucky, they’d be dead.  WTF?!  Well, turns out there’s a lot more that should go into buying plants than just picking the prettiest ones.  This is where Rochelle and her team have helped me out in a big way.  They are specialist in this department and can help you determine which plants are best for the space you’re looking for.  They genuinely want you to have success with your plant babies and will even discourage you from purchasing a plant they know won’t do well in your space or your lifestyle.  For example, I am OBSESSED with fiddle leaf fig trees… like super obsessed.  I want a massive one SO bad but the way I described the space I have, Rochelle suggested something else and in the mean time sent me home with  baby fiddle leaf to try it out!  She easily could have sent me home with the fiddle leaf.  She would have made a sale only to know it wouldn’t survive, but that’s not what they’re about and I appreciate that!  In case you’re wondering my baby fig is doing SO well and I am so proud of myself.  He is in a spot that gets the morning sun and seems to be loving it… maybe one day I’ll graduate to a big boy but for now I am jazzed watching my little babe grow!

Like I mentioned before, if you have the chance to go into the store I highly suggest you do.  Rochelle and her team are super knowledgeable and would be happy to help you pick out some new plant babies for your home. If you’re not located in Regina or for some reason you don’t want to head into the store Rochelle has answered some questions I had and I thought I would share the answers with you all!

I am terrible with plants.  What are some low maintenance plants that I won’t kill?
Best low maintenance plants I would suggest are snake plants and zz plants. They can tolerate low to high light and prefer to dry out between waterings.

I have pets, are there any plants in particular that I should stay away from?
Most plants can be toxic if the animal ingests enough. Some of the most toxic plants are sago palm, diffenbachia, lilies, aloes, philodendrons and zz plants. Some non toxic plants include money trees, African violets, some ferns, Christmas cactus and parlour palms. If you are unsure about a plant, you can always Google it.
I think my plant is too big for the pot it is currently in but I’m not sure… how can I tell?
You can usually tell when a plant is too big for the pot when its roots are starting to come out the top or bottom of the pot. If you are using plastic pots then you should be able to feel the plant busting through the pot.
My plants leaves always seem to turn yellow or brown.  WHY??
Yellow leaves usually mean that the plant is being either over watered or under watered. This usually starts to happen to the lowest leaves. However, some plants shed their leaves as they age and the yellowing is normal on those.

Brown tips usually mean that the plant needs a bit more humidity. To help the plant we suggest misting the leaves with a spray bottle once a day just to help increase the humidity. You can always buy a humidifier as well.

The Little Big Plant Company is located at 1749 McDonald Street and are open:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday -11am to 4pm
Thursday -11am to 8pm
Saturday -10 am to 4pm