Tech Talk: Camera Gear I Use

As my blog continues to grow I get more and more questions about how I started my blog, how I edit my photos, and the most common question as of lately, “what kind of camera gear do you use?” I’m not an expert in this area but Brandon definitely is.  Although he is not a professionally trained photographer, and prefers to take photos of cars and houses, he does an amazing job.  “You’re SOOO lucky to have Brandon” is something I hear almost daily and I am the first to admit Teach Me Style would not be what it is if it weren’t for him.  In fact, TMS would not be a thing if it weren’t for him.  He is the one that pushed me to start it and is constantly pushing me to be better.  HE IS AWESOME!


Anyways, sorry I got off on a bit of a tangent there!  Today, for the first time EVER Brandon has agreed to be in front of the camera!!!!! This is a big deal.. he does not enjoy this, like at all. He is answering ALL your questions about what kind of camera he uses when taking my photos.  Stay tuned for video gear and info coming soon!

So as a thank you to him, you should probably subscribe to my Youtube channel (you can do that here) and like this video. MMMMk thanks!

Shop the links below or in the description box of my YouTube video!

Canon t5i body || Canon 50mm || Sigma 18-35mm || Tokina 11-16mm || Tripod  

I hope this answered your questions! Please feel free to leave a question or comment below and we would love to answer it! Stay tuned for info on what we use for our videos!