Yes, Another Sweater!

You could say my sweater collection is a tad out of control.  Chunky sweaters, sweaters with cut outs, crop sweaters, oversized ones, bright ones, neutral ones… it really is something else.  So, guess what I’m sharing today?! If you guessed a sweater, you’re right! LOL! This one is TOTALLY different though… it has zippers and a collar! Okay, it’s not that different, but that’s how I’m justifying it so you’re just going to have to go along with it, mmmk??! Also, once you hear the price you’ll be glad I shared 🙂

IMG_9002 IMG_9003
IMG_8966 IMG_8963 IMG_8951 IMG_8972 IMG_8998

See, I told you it was totally different! And for $35… I mean, it’s a no brainer!






Bag c/o Brave || Jewelry c/o Brooklyn Designs || Watch c/o Nicole Vienna