Falling for Scarves

I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again.  The blanket scarf or any over-sized scarf needs to be a staple in your fall/winter wardrobe.  They truly are the perfect accessory.  Not only do they give your outfit that little extra detail, they also serve an important purpose here on the prairies where the weather dips to those frigid temperatures that take your breath away the moment you step outside.  Ah!!! Okay I’m getting ahead of myself, it’s barely even fall but seriously people… it’s coming.

Therefore I have curated a list of reasons you need to invest in a blanket scarf or two if you haven’t already.

1.) Um simply because they’re just the cutest / easiest way to take your outfit from drab to fab!

2.) They’re legit the best thing to wear on a plane.  The temperatures on airplanes are always obnoxiously cold.  A scarf and a pair of extra socks in your purse will keep you toasty warm on those flights!

3.) Movie dates.  Similar to airplanes, movie theaters are also always so cold! I never see a movie without a cozy scarf to cuddle up under!

Okay the list is short, but honestly I have never met a person who owns one and doesn’t love it.  This beautiful scarf took my plain t-shirt and jeans look to the next level giving it some color and texture.

Also, can we talk about how sweet this leather vest is?! More on this little treat coming soon!

IMG_3502_edited IMG_3500_edited    IMG_3499_edited IMG_3457_edited

I got my scarf from Jackson Rowe, a Canadian brand I have been swooning over for the past few months!

Here are some other ones that have been catching my eye… A girl can never have too many scarves, right!?

Have you found your perfect scarf? You know, the one that will help you survive the obnoxious winter! Tell me about it!