The Flare

Flared jeans. Ahh, I have been bucking this “new trend” for some time but I have finally decided to give it a go. I put new trend in quotations because as you all know it’s really not new. In fact, I feel like it’s too soon for them to be back… Maybe that’s me aging quicker than I’d like but I swear we just got over them.

Because I’m not fully sold on the flares just yet, (it usually takes me a few good wears/outfits to feel comfortable and commit) I didn’t go out and purchase a new pair. Instead, I pulled out these old William Rast ones that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of as I bought them when I was in college and spent my months grocery money on.  Don’t judge I know you’ve been there, too.


I’m not sure if I’m completely sold on them yet but it doesn’t hurt to experiment especially when they’re just sitting in your closet taking up space. Did you keep any flares? Have some fun and give them a go!