Our Wedding Video

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I feel like I say this every single time I return to this wonderful space of the internet that is my blog… I love this little space and want to try to spend more time here. This is where it all started and it almost feels nostalgic to be posting on here. Instagram is lovely but there is something almost sacred about this space. It’s ALL MINE and it just feels safe. In saying that, I am happy to share a very personal video, our wedding video. I have been wanting to share this for a very long time but it just hasn’t felt like the right time until now… Valentine’s Day!  A day to celebrate all things love!

So here you have it a glimpse into the best day ever with my forever Valentine!

How do we feel about blogs? Are they making a comeback? Are we like this “old school” form of sharing content? If so, let me know and I will try to be more consistent with it!