Dane’s 1st Birthday: Rookie Year

As Dane’s second birthday approaches, I find myself reminiscing about his unforgettable first birthday  and I cannot believe I haven’t shared the details! It was a picture-perfect June day, and the baseball theme “Dane’s Rookie Year” turned our backyard into a mini baseball field. From custom-made rookie ball cards to classic baseball treats, the celebration was a home run in every sense if you ask me!

Creating a Baseball Wonderland: To set the stage for Dane’s first birthday, we transformed our backyard into a baseball field. Lee spent months preparing the grass, his pride and joy and decided to finish the field off with brand sponsors on the fence that Dane and I have worked with in his rookie year. Brands included Clek, Silvercross, Veer, and more! With vibrant decorations, such as banners and balloons in Blue Jay’s colours, it was turned out really great and gave the feeling of stepping into a miniature ballpark.

Rookie Ball Card: To capture the essence of Dane’s rookie year, I found a beautifully designed rookie ball card on Etsy. It featured an adorable picture of Dane, along with stats from his first year. This personalized touch added a nostalgic element to the celebration and served as a cherished keepsake for our family and friends.

Classic Baseball Treats: No baseball-themed celebration would be complete without classic ballpark treats. We had an array of goodies for our guests, including Big League Chew bubble gum, Cracker Jack popcorn, Gatorade and Baby Ruth chocolate bars. Some of these were hard to track down but I was able to get everything online (good old Amazon) or Dessart. The beautiful custom cake was deigned and made by QC Cakes!

T-Ball Game: One of the highlights of Dane’s first birthday was a friendly T-ball game. We set up a miniature T-ball field where the little ones could take turns swinging the bat and running the bases. It was heartwarming to witness their enthusiasm and watch the joy on their faces as they experienced their first taste of baseball.

Milestone Banner and More: To commemorate Dane’s first year, we created a milestone banner showcasing his growth and accomplishments. Each month was represented by a photograph, capturing his adorable milestones and unforgettable moments. It was a touching tribute to his journey.  It was very emotional to see how much he had overcome in just one year. *and cue to tears.

Dane’s rookie year celebration was a grand slam success. The baseball theme brought out the playful spirit in everyone, while the personalized details added a heartfelt touch. From the rookie ball card to the T-ball game and classic ballpark treats, every aspect of the celebration was designed to create lasting memories. Now I know he won’t remember this party, but we will. It truly was a celebration for all of us. Dane of course as he turns one but Lee and I as we survived our first year of parenthood! Now to finish planning his second birthday party which is happening in 4 days!! I had planned to tone it down a bit more for this year, let’s see if I can contain myself lol!