Heyyyy! I am writing today with the intentions to show up here more, don’t hold me to it but I really do love this space. It’s safe (Instagram can be nasty sometimes) and it just feels more personal. Like we are sitting down and having a little Sunday morning coffee chat but I will keep it short cause I know you’re busy- I’ll share links to outfits so you can refer back to them, a few recipes, things I have my eye on, what’s on my mind, heart, and maybe a lol. Kind of like a little weekly round up!

So, let’s get into it! This week we started sleep training Halo and let me tell you it is life changing… I have so much more energy, I am motivated, and I just feel more like myself. Halo is also a much happier baby. I will be sharing more on this once we are done the 10 day program but for now know that it is truly changing our lives for the better. Speaking of Halo… she is now in her Jolly Jumper!! Where the hell is time going my lord!? How is my baby big enough to be in the jumper! She is getting more fun by the day.. her giggles are just my favourite thing ever! Speaking of favourite things ever, I have been struggling with Halo’s dry skin since the day she was born and I have FINALLY found something that works! Cerave Baby Cream… this is not sponsored at all this is just the only thing that I have used on her that works! 

Because I am getting more sleep I feel like I am having an easier time tackling normal daily tasks again, like cooking dinner! Here’s a few things I made this week! The salmon was good but I think I would add a bit of honey to balance out the saltiness. The greek orzo dish was delicious and super easy-  love me a one pot meal!
Glazed Sesame Salmon 
one pot greek chicken orzo

I am SO loving getting back into the fashion of it all. That is why TMS was started in the first place and it feels good to get back at it. Two pregnancies later style sure feels hard for me and so I am happy to bring you along the journey of me finding my personal style outside of leggings and sweats again. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of that still, just a little less and when I do put them on I want to STYLE them not just wear them. 

Last week it was my birthday and Lee bought me this new purse and I AM LOVING IT! It is the perfect transition bag. I am still in the diaper bag phase but at this point I don’t feel like I need massive backpack everywhere I go now. This sling bag fits SO much but is still small enough it doesn’t look like you have 2 diapers, a onesie, a booger sucker, 1 million welches fruit snacks, and a container of wipes in it… ya know?! This one is definitely a bit of a splurge so I have linked a few others that are similar but are a bit more affordable. I will say however, the size, style, quality, and functionality of this bag is 10/10 so if you’re looking to treat yourself this is a great option!


Here are a few looks from this past week along with links for you to shop!

Have the best week, besties!