Headache Remedy, The Best Dupe Ever, and Joe Fresh Haul

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine started out great but by Wednesday I was battling a sore neck and major headache that wouldn’t let up. Which leads me to the first and likely most important thing I want to share this week. My headache/ sore neck remedy. I have been struggling with headaches since I was a little girl.  I hadn’t had success with a lot of headache remedies, and let me tell you I’ve tried a lot, but Lee suggested I go see Jordan at Project Energy for fascial stretch therapy and it has changed my life.  I was skeptical but decided I would try it because they only thing I had to loose were the headaches I had been having.  It took about 4 sessions to get me feeling 100% but I felt relief immediately after my first session.  I now go quarterly to maintain it. I missed my quarterly appointment and like clockwork my sore neck and headaches came back and would not let up. I went to see Jordan Friday morning and by Friday evening I was already feeling better. Trust me when I say it works. This is NOT sponsored and I pay full price for the treatment and I am happy to it is well worth it.  Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance but trust me when I say try it! Speaking of trying it, Jordan offers your first session FREE! $100 value for free. If you want to book you can do so through his Instagram or you can send him an email at jordan@projectenergy.ca

What I Bought:
On Monday I popped into Superstore for bananas and left with an entire new Spring wardrobe… I kid you not. Joe Fresh hit it out of the park this season. I’m not going to lie, I don’t always love their stuff, I find it to be very hit or miss but this season they nailed it.  Check this reel out to see how I style all the goodies I picked up. If you want to watch a try on to see how everything fits you can find that in my highlights!
*pro tip: use the code NICOLE25 to save 25% … we don’t know Nicole but we love her. LOL Still holding out hope that one day I will be cool enough to get my own custom JF code!

What I Wore:

*tee is from Shop Teach and will be dropping soon…

*this exact sweater dress is sold out but could be recreated with any sweater dress you have in your closet. I have also linked a more casual one that I think would be really cute. As for a button down, I suggest hitting up the mens section at a thrift store- these are perfect for layering! In my opinion, it’s the details that make this outfit- the socks, bow in my hair, and the shoulder bag!

*Let’s give these Ganni dupes a moment shall we!? They are seriously perfection. The best dupe I’ve scored in a long time. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes when I placed the order but I decided to give them a shot considering the Ganni ones are $495!!! These are $99 and worth every penny in my opinion. I am wearing a size 7, I would say they fit true to size. These are the IT shoe of the Spring stay tuned to see how I style them!

For those of you wondering if this is the Amazon dupe and wanting a review. It’s not… I placed the order and it NEVER showed up. They eventually refunded me but talk about annoying. I have linked the exact one I have here. It’s definitely on the pricey side but I have gotten my money’s worth for sure- I wear it as a set lots as I like that it is a change from my typical sweatsuit, but I also wear the cardigan with jeans and love it styled that way! I am wearing a size S.


What I made:
Lately I haven’t been good at eating lunch. I’ve been having PB&J sandwiches non stop,  so I decided to make a big batch of this Mediterranean Pasta Salad to keep in the fridge for Lee and I to grab for lunch. It was really delicious and great to make ahead! My only suggestion would be to cut the dressing recipe in half I felt like there was SO much dressing leftover.

I was craving cookies the other night so instead of going to bed at a normal hour I decided to  stay up and make my besties Butterfinger cookies… dear lord. They are unbelievable. I am warning you right now you will want to eat the ENTIRE batch.

What I Tried:

I got a PR gift from L’oreal – the new Panorama mascara. I was hesitant to try it as I am a TOK Beauty fan but your girl has a job to do, so I tried it and it’s actually very good. Like very very good. It doesn’t flake, it gives you crazy volume and it’s buildable. I will still continue to use TOK beauty for the majority of the time because it actually nourishes my lashes and helps them grow (mine have been falling out since having Halo) but I will say this stuff is really good.

As for the kids, Halo is sleeping like an absolute angel thanks to our sleep trainer (stay tuned for a blog post on that) and Dane is coming down with a bit of a cold which is extremely stressful because of his Nephrotic Syndrome. We will be monitoring closely, helping him get lost of rest, and testing to see if this will cause a relapse for him. Prayers for my little man would be so appreciated.

Okay, sorry that was long! Have a wonderful week besties!