As a teacher, you can imagine I am washing my hands upwards of 100 times a day, sanitizing 99 times… it’s a lot but obviously necessary!! Not to mention the freezing winter weather (thankfully we are at the tail end of it!), my skin needs lotion like never before! I’m a big fan of Vaseline products. You may remember last year I shared my favourite All-Over Body Balm, so it’s no surprise I love their Intensive Care Almond Smooth body lotion. It’s made with pure sweet almond oil and vitamin E which offers rich moisturization to help save my skin from the constant hand washing and sanitization.

On top of being a teacher and having dry hands all the time, my belly has also been growing so quickly from my pregnancy.  It’s super important to keep my skin moisturized as it stretches, so I never miss lathering up on lotion in the morning before I head to school. But, there is nothing worse than lathering up and then getting dressed only to notice a big grease stain as you’re walking out the door, which never happens with Vaseline and is one of the reasons I love this lotion so much. It contains micro droplets of Vaseline Original Jelly to help lock in moisture but again, won’t leave you feeling greasy or stain your clothes! It will however, leave you smelling great as it is infused with light classic almond scent!

As I navigate my way through pregnancy, I am learning all sorts of things- it sure is a wild journey! One thing I didn’t realize is just how itchy your skin gets!! It makes sense, it’s stretching to make room for that growing baby. This Vaseline Body lotion has helped relieve some of that itch by keeping it moisturized. I keep it on my nightstand and make sure to lather up before bed every night. I also keep some in my classroom at school, like I mentioned before I sanitize my hands about 100 times a day so you can imagine how it leaves my hands feeling. The Vaseline Intensive Care Almond Smooth body lotion is a must for me!

Special thanks to Vaseline for sponsoring this post! And thank YOU for supporting all of the brands I love to work with on Teach Me Style, I couldn’t do it without you!