How I Told Lee I was Pregnant!

I have dreamt of telling Lee I was pregnant for a LONG time. If you’re new around here, Lee and I dated for nearly four year and broke up ten years ago. After a long hiatus, we rekindled in May of last year and well, the rest is history as they say. But, it’s history I don’t want to forget so I currently have a blog post of our love story in my drafts. Life has been a little chaotic lately so perhaps once things slow down a bit I will finish and share it. Until then, we did a live on our IG that you can check here!

Back to the story of how I told Lee I was pregnant! It was November 16th, I woke up and went to school for the morning. I had a dentists appointment in the afternoon…I was getting my 7 fillings done LOL, don’t ask!  As I was leaving the school, my dentists’ office called and told me they couldn’t see me for my appointment because the person who was supposed to do my fillings had to go home sick.  My sub plan was made and the sub was in the building so I went home. I also wasn’t feeling overly well, I was SO TIRED, so I figured going home was best.

November 16th OOTD post! The last time I would question what I wore for a long time… lol everyday after, I would think “does this make me look pregnant” LOL Sorry for the terrible quality photo.

Lee and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months at this point. This may seem crazy to some of you, as we had only been dating a few months but keep in mind we dated for four years previously and we have known each other for FOURTEEN years! Throughout those 14 years, we always kept in touch. I enjoyed when I would run into Lee while I was out with my girlfriends and I know he did too. He would often come over and say hi. We have many mutual friends and we always remained respectful of each other so it never felt awkward or weird.  So yes, we moved quickly when we got back together, but we both knew if we made the choice to do this again, we weren’t wasting anytime!

This is not the oldest photo I have of us but it’s the oldest I could find. July of 2008!

Okay, I’m home from school for the afternoon and I just feel off.  I can’t describe it really other than I felt tired and just off, whatever that means. After checking my period app, I realized I was 5 days late. Now, I’m not that regular so I didn’t think too much of it. I had some pregnancy tests on hand as mosts women do when they’re trying to conceive, and I decided to take one. Positive… okay, what WHAT?! NO WAY. This must be wrong! I decided to take two more. Positive!! Still not convinced, I drove to Shoppers, spent $30 on 1st Response and sure as shit… it read YES almost instantly. I was shocked, excited… but also didn’t really know how to feel haha it was kind of weird! I scooped Sunny up and did a little happy dance then quickly shifted gears… how was I going to tell Lee! Like I said before, I had been dreaming of this moment for what had felt like a lifetime. Was I going to surprise him? Call him? Would we take the test together? Whoops, too late for that, haha!

I decided I would surprise him. I love a good surprise! I decided to “clean out” the junk drawer that had been stressing Lee out since we moved upstairs after our renovation. I would then place a cute onesie and the pregnancy tests in the drawer. Oh, yes… I ran out quickly to grab this onesie- I believe it’s from Carter’s! The drawer was all set and ready to go. I just had to wait for him to come home… yes, this felt like an eternity! In that time, I decided I would set up a camera to film his reaction!

As soon as I saw the onesie I knew it would be perfect! Of course, I needed to complete the outfit with the joggers!

As he walked in the door we exchanged a kiss and hatted briefly about our days. He went on about his day, I obviously wasn’t listening. When he asked about mine, I told him my appointment was cancelled last minute and I decided to use the time to clean out the junk drawer- I’m shocked he fell for this because he knows me better than that lol. Either way, he opened it, grabbed his heart as if he was having a heart attack and then said something along the lines of “are you fuc*ing serious?!” He didn’t believe me!!! After I started crying and repeatedly said yes, he scooped me up in his arms and we both cried. It will forever be one of my favourite moments.

You couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces if you tried!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering. The junk drawer is still a mess. I simply dumped the contents of it into a basket and threw it into the closet lol ain’t nobody got time for that.
So, there’s the full story! How did you tell your partner?!