The Necklace

Don’t quote me on this, but I have come to the conclusion that Carrie Bradshaw started the trend of the name plate necklace.  If you’re a SATC super fan like me, you know that “it costs, like, nothing”, but it was irreplaceable to her.  She acquired it while shopping with her best girlfriends and it symbolized her single-girl days in NYC.

This adorable necklace, with my initial on it, has replaced the silver heart you have may have noticed me wearing in all my photos.  I like to have one necklace that I wear every day.  This delicate little initial necklace from Y2QUARED has become my “Carrie”.  It is so delicate and subtle yet makes just enough of a statement.  Wear it alone or layer it up.  This Petite Personalized Token is a staple jewelery piece of mine.  Keep your eyes on my intagram feed to see more of this piece!

IMG_5031_cb IMG_4984_cb     close upIMG_5142_cb

This necklace was under$30.00! It is handmade, yellow gold filled, and 100 percent customizable.  Want your own name place necklace but can never seem to find it… check out the Y2quared etsy store!

Tell me about your every day ‘Carrie’ piece!