Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Do’s & Don’ts


Well my friends, it’s that time of year again.  The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Also known as #Nsale as it is referred to on social media.  Ohhhh just typing those words gets me jacked up, I mean seriously who doesn’t love a good sale?!  This one in particular is one of my favorites.  SO, what exactly is so special about this sale you may ask? Good question!  This sale is unique because Nordstrom releases all of their brand-new Fall merchandise and it’s on sale… and I mean seriously on sale for for two weeks, July 14th-21st for Nordstrom Reward card holders and July 22nd to August 8th for non card holders to be exact, and then they return to full price.

If you’d like early access to the sale you can apply for the Nordstrom card here (Americans- Canadians, you will have to go to your local Nordsrom to get one)

I know we’re fluttering through summer as if Fall/Winter is years away, well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news… it will be here before we know it and you will be whining about paying full price for those booties you just HAVE to have.

SO what do you need to be prepared!? Follow along for some tips and tricks to make the best of the #Nsale!


Inventory!  Dig out your fall clothes (ugh, I know… so much work) and see what you’re working with.  Organize by items and color.  See what you have, what you’re lacking, and what needs to be replaced.  Like I mentioned before, this is an amazing time to build up those staple items in your closet without paying full price.

Set yourself a budget.  I know this first hand.  It’s really easy to let yourself get carried away especially when it’s a sale.  That constant little voice in the back of your mind saying you NEED it.  Refer back to your inventory and check if you actually do need it.  For me it’s grey sweaters… my lanta!! Get’s me every damn time.  I have way too many and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna make that mistake again. #liveandlearn

Purge. This week is a good time to purge some of those clothes that have been collecting dust.  Sell it on Facebook, Instagram, Varage Sale, or take it to a consignment store… every penny counts! Also, can we talk about how amazing purging feels?! I got rid of 3 garbage bags last week and it felt ah-ma-zing!  Think of all that room you will have for all your new goodies 🙂


Buy on a whim.  Again, go in with a plan.  Know what you want and if you live by a Nordstrom, go in a try a similar item on.  Especially if you’re buying items such as jeans or shoes.  If you’re like me and don’t live by a Nordstrom (boo) search in your closet or ask your friends to try on their stuff for size!  Know your size in different brands so you’re prepared and feeling confident in your purchase… nothing worse than feeling nervous about the size as you wait for the package to arrive, you should feeling nothin’ but excitement as you wait for that special little gift to arrive… ah, like Christmas morning, right!??

Get sidetracked.  Stick to your section.  Don’t go to the perfume section if you’re not in the market.  You’re only teasing yourself and leading yourself into unnecessary hot water.

As if you’re not already excited, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalogue has been posted and… I literally can’t even!!!  Grab some wine and your notepad because girlllll it’s going down.

Stay tuned to see what’s on my wishlist… but for now get busy! You’ve got a lot of work to do before the sale on July 14th!





PS. I don’t know why but this commercial literally makes me howl.  Well done, Ikea, well done… #startthecar