What’s in my beach bag?

To be honest I planned on sharing this post before I left for Maui but I simply ran out of time… between getting ready for Dawna’s wedding, making a 4 day sub plan, and packing, time was of the essence and I failed miserably at getting this post out.  But, desperate to find the positive I realized that this is actually better as I can now tell you, 5 days into my trip, what I actually used not what I thought I might need. 


First things first.  The bag… this Stella and Dot Riviera Tote is actually the most perfect beach bag EVER.  The size is perfect for me.  I don’t have kids yet so I don’t need anything too big but I do need something that holds all my necessities.  I love that this has a beach vibe but is a little on the dressy side so it can be transitioned to night.  The tassel can fold over a holds the bag closed with a magnet or, if your bag is super full, it can just hang out for looks. Oh and it just so happens to be on sale, bonus! 


So, now without further adieu, in no particular order, here is what’s in my beach bag!

1. )Sunglasses- Duh… I feel like this is the most obvious thing ever especially when it Maui! The sun never stops shining so protecting those eyes and looking cute is a must and is made easy with these stunning Prada sunnies I scooped from Spareparts before leaving!


2.) S’well water bottle- a beach day must.  If you don’t know what a s’well water bottle is head to their website and see what the buzz is all about.  Trust me, the price tag is totally worth it.


3.) Sudio Wireless headphones– perfect for roasting on the beach! Wireless headphones are a must when sitting on the beach.  Keep your phone cool in your bag while you get your jam on!


4.) Sun hat- I forgot mine and went three days without one, it was the worst! Not only does it look cute, and allows you to extend that hair a few more days, it is also SO important to keep the sun off your face!!

5.) SPF chapstick – Is there anything worse than getting a sunburn on your lips? Nope.  This glo. minerals cherry balm protects lips with full spectrum SPF 15 while nurturing botanicals of hemp seed oil, meadowfoam and mango seed butter soothe and heal… awesome.  It has been a trip favourite for all of the ladies, and some boys 😉img_2681

6.) A good book- for obvious reasons you need a book.  Reading is something I LOVE to do but with my busy lifestyle it doesn’t always happen.  Beach days are my favourite days to get lost in a good read.  Together is Better by Simon Sinek was light hearted, inspiration, and exactly what I needed.

7.) Bose Mini Soundlink – When travelling in a group like we did, this is a real game changer.  Throw it in your beach bag and it will keep the gang happy and entertained for hours! Just don’t forget to download a playlist before you leave…

8.) Sunscreen- Although this is the last on this list it is always the first thing I put into my bag.  Before leaving for Maui I stopped in at Nu Image for some sunscreen recommendations.  Jenn set me up with two, the Vivier Sunscreen SPF 30 (this is the same brand my skin regime is- it’s amazing), and the ZO Skin Health Sun Spray 50, this stuff is AMAZING! I have to say I like the ZO stuff better for the simple fact that it is a spray- it is so convenient, easy, and is NOT greasy! I highly recommend this product!

There ya have it! K off to the beach to roast for one more day….