The Perfect Piece For Spring Transition

A few weekends ago my sister, mom and I took a trip to Moose Jaw to celebrate our birthdays, (we’re all February babies) with some friends.  We rented a room and spent some time bopping in and out of the cute restaurants, shops, and coffee shops!  We spent a good chunk of time in Hudson’s Boutique a stunning shop located in the Grant Hall Hotel, and that my friends, is where I found my latest obsession… this Cupcakes & Cashmere vest.  I love the color, length, the oversized lapels, and welt front pockets! It was a splurge, but it was my birthday and I definitely DO NOT have buyers remorse!

Not only is this vest beautiful, it’s also the perfect piece to help transition your winter wardrobe to spring.  I have already got tonnes of wear out of it, I have worn it to a conference, baby shower, and out for lunch with some friends! This vest would be perfect for work as well… teaching, not so much! It’s dry clean only and there are far too many accidents that happen in the classroom to risk it. But if you’re not surrounded by scissors, messy glue, markers, and paint at your work, go ahead!


IMG_7712_batchIMG_7706_batch IMG_7693_batch

We shot these photos a few weeks ago so the weather was still a bit chilly… well who am I kidding, it is still chilly. In fact, we got more snow a few days ago than we’ve had all winter, boo!!! Anyways, when Mother Nature starts acting her age, er I mean season, I will pair this vest with dresses!

Ps. How cute is my necklace?!  Remember Y2quared, the company that makes custom hand stamped jewelry? I think they took the hint that I LOVE their stuff! They replaced my gold token H with a rose gold heart that has H&B in it, I die! Sooo cute!


What pieces have you been using to transition to spring?