Snow Globe Livin’

A few years ago one of my students told me she loves winter because she imagines she is in a beautiful snow globe. I tried her technique for a few minutes but the howling wind and blasting snow quickly snapped me back to reality.  It did however get me thinking… with the right winter parka, perhaps I could too, pretend I was living in a glass dome with white confetti and learn to love the winter!  My boyfriend decided to make my snow globe dreams come true and bought me a Canada Goose jacket for Christmas last year.  Best.  Gift. Ever.  The prices is a extreme but I will without a doubt say it is worth it, especially if you’re a teacher and do supervision… game changer!

IMG_4599_edited IMG_4597_edited
Want to learn more about the Canada Goose brand? Check out this post from the Cade Style Lounge blog- they do a great job explaining why they are the price they are and why those that wear them are in love!
Is it cold where you live? If so, what are your tricks for dealing with the extreme temps?

Jacket || Boots || Touque – handmade by my mom 🙂