Wardrobe Resolution

New Years resolutions in my world typically include being more organized, keeping my car clean, eating more veggies, and working out more… you know, the same old same old.  Although it is important to set life goals for yourself I’m not going to bore you with mine.   Instead, I will share my wardrobe resolutions for 2016!

Let’s get into it!

1.) Build up my basics.  The term “basic b” is something that has been tossed around more than a salad in 2015.  SO for 2016 I want to find more quality basics that can be layered and built upon.  Some of my current favourites include this t-shirt from Kit and Ace, these leggings from 22 Fresh, and this cardigan from Aritzia.  I will be looking for more to add to my collection… first up a basic white t-shirt. Any suggestions?


2.) Stop being a repeat offender.  I am terrible at buying the same thing only slightly different.  Brandon’s famous line is “Babe, I swear you have that already!” Perhaps I will start listening to him and instead look for new unique pieces.


3.) Buy a new bag.  It has been a while since I purchased a good investment handbag and I think I’m ready.  I’m heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks so perhaps I will pull the trigger then. I want something structured, not too big but not too small, and in a good neutral shade. Hmmm Mackage has been catching my eye lately… stay tuned!


4.) Build up my shoe game.  I have a lot of shoes but I have even more that need to be retired.  This year I want to find more shoes that are comfortable, can be worn teaching,  and are cute, obviously.   I also need to start taking old shoes that are missing a heel cap and get them fixed instead of recycling them.   I literally have a bag full of shoes that are still in great shape but just need a little love… shoe repair store you will be seeing me soon!


5.) Wear more dresses.  Casual dresses that is.  I have a fairly decent collection of formal dresses and skirts but I would love to build up my casual dress collection as well.  Super comfortable and easy to throw on… the more I write about this the more I am questioning why I haven’t done this sooner!


6.) Wear more neutrals.  I seriously cannot get enough of black, grey, and white.  Enough said.


7.) Buy less hand wash and dry clean only items.  Okay there are times you can’t get around it but for my day to day basics I need to pay more attention to the labels when shopping.  Brandon and I have a constant pile of items that are “on the way” to the dry cleaners but never seem to get there….but when they do, serious perfection! Not many things are better than putting on something fresh from the cleaners, but until I become more responsible, I will be pumping the breaks when I see that DC only label.


7.) Be a smart shopper.  Not all of us a have access to our dad’s fat wallets like mega babe, Cher.   I want try to make smart choices when shopping. Buying pieces that I can build on, wear over and over again, and will last.    Questions I will continue to ask myself are:  Do I have anything similar to this in my current wardrobe?  How many outfits can I wear this with?  Is it dry clean only? Realistically, how many wears will I get out of this piece? Don’t get me wrong I’m sure I will have the odd Cher moment here and there but I am going to put an honest effort it!


Well, there you have it! My wardrobe resolutions… What will you be working on in 2016?