Fashion || Function

Considering we live in a place where the temperature is below zero for what feels like forever, it is crucial to have at least one, if not many, coats.  This jacket from Aritzia was on my wish list for a long time before I finally bit the bullet and purchased it last winter.  It’s not a coat you want to be wearing when its 40 below, that’s for sure, but for ‘normal’ winter days, this coat is perfect for back and forth to work and running errands!

I had been looking for a camel colored coat for some time and when I saw the beautiful collar on this one, I knew it was “the one”.  I love the way it stands when done up all the way and also the way it lays when undone.  The silhouette of the coat itself is pretty simple but the material (cashmere and wool) and collar made me consider eating cornflakes for dinner for a month to make it fit into the budget.

IMG_4099_edited IMG_4101_edited IMG_4118_edited IMG_4131_edited IMG_4138_edited IMG_4142_edited IMG_4145_edited
Although I joke about eating Corn Flakes for a week to afford the coat, it really isn’t that expensive and it is currently on sale- bonus!

If you continue to follow me you will soon notice I kind of have a thing for coats… it makes winter that much more bearable.

What do you do to make the best of winter?