Shein Teddy Coat

This adorable teddy coat is from Shein… and like clockwork, anytime I post an outfit from this website I get floods of questions about it.  I totally understand why you would be asking these questions but instead of answering them all again, I am going to link a previous blog post where I have answered all your questions! In that post, I also shared what I have done in the past to have a good experience with shopping at Shein.  You can check that post out here!

Okay, so now that you know the scoop, HOW adorable is this blush teddy coat?! I just can’t even. It’s so fluffy, cozy, and freaking adorable.  It literally feels like you’re walking around getting a hug all day, haha! Is there anything better?!

This coat is a one size fits all jacket. It is meant to have that cozy oversized look which I am all about these days. After all it is winter, so give me all the layers and all of the baggy clothes, am I right?!