SHEIN Yay or Nay?!

This post has come highly recommended over the last few weeks.  I get a steady stream of DM’s after I post a piece from the website, Shein.  So I thought I would answer a few of the questions for you!

The question I get most often is, It is so cheap, I am sceptical of it? What is the quality and fit like? 

I totally get this… I was skeptical at first as well.  Here is my advice for you.  READ THE REVIEWS! When you click on an item, scroll down and you will see reviews.  I only ever choose items that have a picture of the people in the piece.  I never trust a written review without a photo.  You want to SEE with your own eyes what you will be getting!  If you want to take it one step further, you can check if the item has a style gallery.  This is where people upload quality photos of the piece styled.  It allows you to get an even better look at the material, fit, and how you can style it!

Another popular question is around shipping? This is a hard one to answer as there are just so many factors to think about. Where you live, the shipping method you paid for, etc. I have had some people tell me it was at their door in about a week and a half and I’ve heard others complain about it taking over 2 weeks.  My suggestion would be not to order something for a specific event unless you’re placing the order WELL in advance.  Expect it to take at least two weeks and if it comes it will be a nice surprise!

What is the quality like? Again, I cannot stress this enough- read the reviews!!  I would suggest purchasing trendy pieces from Shein. Things you might get a season or two out of.   If you’re wanting to purchase some quality basics that are going to last you forever- this is not the site to find them. My theory when it comes to shopping is to spend your money on quality basics and then add in trendy pieces from more affordable places like Shein.

Speaking of trendy… off the shoulder, and bell sleeves?! Does it get any more trendy than that?  Here is an example of mixing highs and lows.  This blouse from Shein cost and $25 while the jeans were a bit of a splurge!