TTT: Instagram Live Episode 1

Well, I’m not going to lie I’m running out of TTT topics.  I decided to switch things up this week and and take my TTT post LIVE, and well it was awesome.  Instagram stories was the perfect platform to do this as this is where most of you follow me.  Now, I know that not ALL of you are on Instagram and I didn’t want to leave you out so here it is!

It’s a long one so grab a coffee or glass of wine and get comfy! Topics include: classroom management, flexible seating arrangements, tips of being an internship, how to balance work/life, what to wear to work, etc!

I’m going to switch it up for a while and do a live stream once a week! It was SO fun to engage with you all! It was also great for others to chime in and give answers to questions I may not have any advice on!  It was so refreshing to be in a “room” full of excited teachers!

I can’t wait for next week, 8:00 p.m… grab your wine!!