Emma Knudsen

GUYS!! I am backkkkkkkk!  Back from Hawaii and back from a little teachmestyle.com hiatus!  I specify this because I was very active on Instagram… I just love you all so much I couldn’t completely check out!  But, I did want to take some time to really enjoy my trip.  I went with my sister to celebrate my 30th birthday and that is exactly what we did…it was seriously the BEST trip ever!! I will be sharing that content throughout the next few weeks!

And back to regular programming…

One of my very favourite things about blogging is being introduced to new brands, more specifically, Canadian brands.  Supporting local has always been something I have tried to do as often as possible.  Emma Knudsen makes it realllll easy to do this. Her comfortable, minimal silhouettes paired with fun prints and quality fabrics made it so easy to fall in LOVE with this brand.

Before launching Emma Knudsen, the label, she was in the fashion and retail industry for over 10 years but despite having experience in nearly every avenue of industry she was continually told she didn’t have enough experience to land a design role… crazy, right!? BUT, like a true #bossbabe she rose to the occasion and proved everyone wrong.  In February 2016, Emma Knudsen was born… and in Fall of 2017 they’d launched their first fully manufactured collection, which is now sold in 8 stores!  And the best part?!  It is designed AND MADE IN CANADA!!  They are passionate about supporting local businesses and are proud that their products are made in a responsible and ethical manner. Yes, Yes YES!!!!

This wool jacket is absolutely gorgeous!! This classic piece has been on repeat in my wardrobe lately. Wear this piece dressed up for work as seen here, or layered with a hoodie and paired with some sneakers for a casual cool look! Lucky for you this piece is on sale… so don’t hesitate! Snag it while it lasts : )

Coat c/o Emma Knudsen || Sweater c/o Shein || Denim c/o Uptown Casuals || Pumps