My Current Obsessions (that would make great gifts)

I try to share my favourites on IG stories as often as I can but they only last for 24 hours and if you’re anything like me, you won’t remember. So here is a current list of my favourites. They ALL happen to be local, Canadian brands and would make beautiful gifts!

Sunny’s Paw Print Necklace- Tiny Zen Memory CODE: HOLLY15 This would make the most perfect gift for the pet lover in your life!  All I did was take a photo of Sunny’s paw and send it in with my order. SO easy and SO thoughtful!

Pet Portrait –  a lovely follower of mine pained Sunny and it is still one of my favourite gifts! Here is her Instagram handle  @alex_macpherson_

Hillcroft Robe, Pillowcase & Scrunchie – this bamboo robe is legit my favourite thing to get ready in. It’s light and breathable yet cozy at the same time! They also just sent me a silk pillowcase and scrunchie.  If you haven’t  slept on a silk pillowcase you haven’t lived!! My friend chia told me about them about a year ago I legit can’t sleep without mine!

Wysh Jewelry– this is where my new vintage rose gold ring is from.  She has the BEST selection of vintage (and new) jewelry!

Blingo Jewelry Case- You guys are equally as obsessed with this little travel case as I am.  It is GENIUS.  You can literally toss your dainty necklaces and bracelets in the case, shake it up, and they STILL will be exactly how you put them in there.  No tangles!  I unfortunately don’t have a discount code but I believe you can use the code HOLLY15 to get 15% off!

Stojo Collapsible Go Cup- If you follow me on IG you will see me using this constantly. It is so handy, cute, and I love how small gets. Keep it in your purse so you never forget it! I got mine at Mortise & Tenon!

Less than two weeks until Christmas eve! What are you most excited for?!!