I have been making these prints with my students for a few years now.  They are SUPER easy and don’t cost a lot to make.  Although helping your students make a gift for their parents isn’t mandatory (or part of the curriculum) it is something I (and most teachers) do every year.  It’s fun and the kids are so excited and proud of their creation.  Because it isn’t a part of the curriculum, teachers often aren’t allotted a budget to get supplies for these projects so the cost falls on the teachers.  I got ALL the supplies from the Dollarama making it very affordable.

Here’s how to make the Christmas Light (Finger)Prints:


  • board canvas’ (these come in a 3 pack)
  • sharpie (I prefer the dollar store brand)
  • paints (your school will likely have these but I grabbed a pack from the Dollarama and they worked great)
  • baby wipes
  • paper towel


  • grab the supplies from the dollar store
  • write the words love, peace, or joy in hand writing.  I like to do a mix of those three words but you could ask your students to brainstorm holiday words they would want to use.  You will want to write these WORDS before the lesson begins.  I always took the canvas’ home and did it while watching tv.
  • Make tiny rectangles along the handwriting. These are the “sockets” for the Christmas lights. *see picture below.
  • Find “busy work” or an appropriate movie for the class.  You may want to do this project in small groups or one on one depending on the age.  With my grade 1/2 class I pulled 4 at a time to my back table while the rest watched a holiday movie.  I usually did this project during the last week before the holidays where watching a movie is quite common. You could also tie the movie to the curriculum by showing a movie version of a book. Example The Snowy Day this book is in movie form on Prime video if you have an account.  (Prime video has a tonne of books in movie form!) Read the book and then have them compare and contrast the two! This hits off a tonne of the outcomes in the Saskatchewan curriculum!
  • Set out canvas’, paints, and wipes.


  • Pull student(s) to the back table.
  • Have them choose a word.
  • Ask students to write their name and Merry Christmas and the year with Sharpie on the back. 
  • Allow students to choose a colour of paint, dip their index finger into the paint, dap the extra off onto the paper towel.
  • Help students make their first finger print light on top of the mini rectangle.  Remind them to press down and then lift straight up otherwise it will smudge!
  • Wipe the finger with baby wipes between colour changes.
  • If students are able to let them continue independently or continue to help them make different coloured prints to make lights.









Will you be trying this art project this year? If not, what will you be doing this holiday season?!