Teacher Gift Guide

Although I have been blogging for over four years now, I’ve never created a teacher gift guide until this year. I’ve had a lot of requests for it, but I always felt a bit weird making one when I was still teaching simply because I never wanted the parents of my students to see this and think I expected a gift. To me a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher should be about appreciating the time, energy, and love they put into their work. So, don’t overthink it- some of the most memorable gifts over the years have been a handwritten thank you card, or a conversation in the isle of Costco with a parent who shares how much I impacted their child’s life. I have also been fortunate enough to receive many beautiful gifts over the years, many that I still use and love!
So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect teacher gift, look no further I’ve got you covered!

Teacher Gift Ideas:
  • Beaded lanyard:  Teachers always need their keys yet they always seem to be loosing them, haha! With a million things going on in the day they don’t have time to think about where they’ve put their keys.  A beautiful handmade lanyard is legit the perfect gift. My friend Kyla (a fellow teacher) makes them and they are always a hit! Find her on Instagram here and send her a message to order one!
  • Bath salts: Teaching is stressful and the Christmas break is meant for relaxing! Help them with a little self care and make or buy them (whatever you prefer) some bath salts! If you’re feeling really generous add a bottle of wine and a candle (if you know the teacher is okay with alcohol) and make a little relaxation gift basket! If you’re up for a little DIY here is the recipe!
  • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card: If you’ve never heard of TPT it’s an online resource where teachers spend hundreds of their own money buying lesson plans and other resources for their classroom.  This is a great gift for not only the teacher but something your child will reap the benefits of as well!
  • Desktop Carousel:  I bought this for myself a few years ago and it is hands down one of my favourite classroom items. Ask your child if their teacher has this on their desk and if not, I would highly recommend it, it is AWESOME!  If it’s a bit more than you would like to spend I would ask another parent or two in the class to pool together to purchase it, oh and don’t forget to use your coupon! Michaels always a coupon for at least 40% off, sometimes even 50%!
  • Board Games: I can’t take credit for this but this is such a great idea! Board games are great for indoor recess or lunchroom and they can be expensive to buy!
  • Dollarama Gift Card: One year I saved all my Dollarama receipts and totalled them up at the end of the year and nearly gave myself a heart attack. Teachers, I don’t recommend doing this. Parents, feel free to lighten the financial load of a teacher by purchasing a gift card, every little bit helps!
  • Thirty-One Bag: I got one of these bags a few years ago and they are perfect.  Teachers are notorious for hauling stuff between school and home and these bags are perfect for just that!
  • Stojo Collapsable Keep Cup– I bought myself one of these a few months back and it is my latest obsession.  It is perfect for the coffee lover and let’s be honest teachers basically live off of coffee! You can find these locally at Mortise & Tenon or if you’re wanting to order online you can find them  here!
  • Coffee Bar- A parent at my old school used to do this every year and the entire staff always looked forward to it! She would make a bunch of cold brew coffee and tea and bring all the fixings (milk, cream, soy, almond, simple syrup,  to go cups, etc) and set it up in the staffroom for us all to make our own iced coffees! It was SUCH a treat!  You could get creative with this- I think a popcorn bar with a bunch of different seasonings would be good too!
  • Thoughtful Snacks: Some of the best gifts are the ones where you know the students really pay attention and know your favourites.  I absolutely LOVE fuzzy peaches and it never fails there is usually one student who picks up on this and gets me a big bag of them and it always puts a smile on my face. Not only because I love fuzzy peaches but because I know they pay attention and have put some thought into it.  My teaching partner Michelle is obsessed with popcorn and so a few of her students have brought her bags of popcorn, it doesn’t cost much but it sure does mean a lot! Ask your child what their teacher snacks on, I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you!
  • Mugs / Wine Glasses: I know I’m going to get flack from some teachers for this but I swear I love getting mugs.  I also collect them and so that’s likely why haha but it never fails, I always think of the student who gave it to me as I pour my coffee into it!  I have also got some pretty rad wine glasses over the years.  One of my favourite was one that they had engraved with “I’m sorry if my kid makes you drink” hahah SO funny! This little duo is SO cute! 
  • A Handwritten Thank You Card (paired with a bottle of wine): Okay, it doesn’t need to be paired with a bottle of wine but it definitely is appreciated because teaching is HARD haha

Ok- there you have it! I could really go on forever. But my best piece of advice would be try to get to know your child’s teacher and be thoughtful. Teachers are very emotional, thoughtful beings and they appreciate it when others are too.  When in doubt get a pen and paper and write a thank you note… it costs nothing but your time and means the most!