Lululemon Enlite Bra: Free To Move

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, cyclists and skateboarders are out, and the sun is setting later and later… SPRING!!! Okay, I know, Spring officially hit quite a while ago, but here in Sask., the first official day of Spring typically comes and goes with snow on the ground.  It isn’t until around this time that I actually get excited, any earlier and we are let down with a big ol’ dump of snow!

And with the spring excitement comes running.  I will admit I am a seasonal runner.  I am not big into running in the winter- you’re going to think I’m crazy but it actually hurts my gums.  I can’t explain it but it started when I played hockey, (yes I played, pause for laughter), the combination of the heavy breathing and the cold air made my gums ache.  Anyways the exact same sensation happens when I run in the winter- weird, I know.  When I say I am a seasonal runner I actually mean I am a new seasonal runner.  I just started running last spring and I can tell you I have learnt a lot since.  Like anything, having the correct gear is probably one of the most important parts of running.  Shoes- FUNCTION over fashion I’m telling you… I learned this the hard way.  Having runners that don’t provide the right support can set you back causing injuries.

Speaking of support, the Lululemon Enlite bra! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! This bra is intense in all the right ways.  The bra was designed by women for women #babessupportingbabes. Who knows what we need in a bra more than someone who experiences the difficulties of running with breasts.  I know what you’re thinking, Holl, you’re flat as a board.  What problems could you possibly run into with a sports bra?! Well you’re right- to be honest I don’t suffer from a lot of the issues thousands of women with larger chests do, and that is exactly why I have enlisted my beautiful friend Michelle to help me with this post.  Michelle is one of those women who is blessed with an itty bitty waist and perfect curves! Michelle and I went into the Lululemon here in downtown YQR to get fitted by one of the Enlite bra specialists and then we hit the ground running, literally.  Here are her thoughts on the new Enlite bra after testing it by going for a run.

Holly: Michelle, can you tell us about the struggles you’ve experienced with past sports bras.
Michelle: Some problems I would experience before were the bands at the bottom would stretch out which would lead to zero support especially for activities like running.  It would actually hurt me to run.

Holly: So, has the enlite bra solved these problems for you?
Michelle: Yes, this bra has completely solved those problems.  The multiple straps at the back evenly distributes the weight and the ultra soft band at the bottom gives me the exact support I need.  The individually encapsulated cups also move with my body instead of flattening my chest into pancakes. The women who designed this bra seriously nailed it.  I was super self conscious before which is the last thing I need to be worrying about when I’m running.  Oh, it also passes the bounce test… YES!

Holly: Best part of the bra?
Michelle: I can run without pain!! 

Holly: With anything that is good there always seems to be a bit of a downfall.  Does this bra have any? Michelle: Getting it on is quite the task. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad.  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives that’s for sure. 

Holly: This bra is on the expensive side.  Worth the $98 price tag?
Michelle: Yes, Yes, YES!!  My mom was immediately convinced when I told her about it.  I’m positive people who struggle with the same issues I did would have no problem dropping $100 on it. 

Holly: There is actually a Sweat Test Promise where Lululemon encourages women to sweat, run, jump, lift, spin, dance, go for coffee, or even wear it to work.  If it doesn’t perform for you, they’ll take it back!
Michelle: Um well that’s awesome. 

There you have it ladies!  Babes Supporting Babes for the win AGAIN!!

Have any questions or want to get fitted for your own Enlite bra? Head to your local lululemon- they’d love to help you!