Teacher Talk Tuesday: Dressing For Spring/Summer

Dressing for school in the warm/hot months is something I have ALWAYS struggled with.  My shorts are always too short, and almost all of my dresses have spaghetti straps which does not fit our dress code.  It is SOO hot in my classroom because we do not have A.C in our classroom… the struggle is REAL!

Last year, I found one little gem that changed this all.  You may remember me posting about it back in the fall but I just have to share it again because it is that good.  My denim vest (shop here!) I scored this Aritzia one at a thrift store in Portland and it been a lifesaver.  I cannot tell you how many times I have thrown it on a dress only to realize the straps are not wide enough to fit the dress code of my school.  By throwing on my denim vest I am able to wear almost all of my dresses!  *A blazer can do the same thing I just find I still get hot… I prefer a vest so my arms are bare!

Vacation look…

Teaching look…

The vest, belt, and sandal heels completely change this look! Take a look in your closet, I bet you have a tonne of dresses that could be worn to work if only you could cover those straps!  A denim vest might be exactly what you need to transform those looks!

I’ve done the work for you and found a few pieces that would work well for the classroom!

Happy Shopping 🙂