JH for Priv Leopard Love

Those of you who have been reading TMS for a while, follow me on any social accounts, or know me personally, would know that I LOVE Jillian Harris.  She’s a go getter, has spunk, loves Hawaii (clearly we’re soul sisters) is beautiful, Canadian, loves dogs, and is REAL.  She shares what she’s passionate about, and although she gets hated on for it at times {#veganish}… relax people!!!!!  that’s what I love most about her.  Although I’m sure it gets her down she just keeps on truckin’.  She has been an inspiration to me for years, so when the JH for Priv team reached out to me to help share a few of her pieces,  I squealed with excitement!

Choosing just one piece from the line took hours of me flipping from one open tab to the next.  I mean clearly I want those jammies, and the chunky knit heart sweater would be PERFECT for Valentine’s Day with my first graders… anyways, I have been wanting a leopard coat for quite some time now so I decided I would get that!

I will admit, as I waited for the package I had it in my head that it was a thick furry (vegan obvi) material.  It is not- it’s a lot thinner than I expected, but I actually think I like it more than if it were to be thick.  I have quite a few thick winter coats and I  am loving that I can take this one into the fall and wear it on warmer winter days!

I decided to style this a little different than I originally thought I would.  Instead of a dressier look, which would be awesome as well, I decided to kick it casual for a bit more of an unexpected daytime look- what do you guys think?!

IMG_9215 IMG_9205 IMG_9219 IMG_9284

IMG_9221 IMG_9259

Ps. if it looks like I’m freezing… I was! It was -40 this day #bloglife

Last, if you do decide to order this coat, I would suggest ordering down a size I found it fits on the big side.

Coat c/o JH For Priv || Shoes || Sunglasses c/o Spareparts ||Jewelry c/o Bearfruit