Peak Ice Cube Trays

Summer calls for drinks, drinks, and more drinks!  Even though most of those refreshing little treats likely have some sort of alcohol in them, it’s never a bad thing to mix in a water here and there, haha! But after all those yummy summer patio drinks water can seem so boring… not anymore!  How genius are these Peak ice cube trays I found while perusing the Bella Chic website?! The long rectangular shape of them allows them to fit perfectly in your water bottle.  I LOVE my S’well bottles but the size of the opening is annoying as it is slightly too small to fit standard size ice cubes, seriously?!! These rectangular shaped ice cubes quickly solve that problem!

Of course, I took the opportunity to get a little creative and added some fruit to mine. This is a perfect way to use up any fruit that may be on the verge of being too ripe!  Add them to your drink in the morning and as they melt throughout the day they add mega flavour to your water.  Having people over?  Some sparkling water and one of these in a fancy glass makes you look like a hosting goddess!

I usually make a bunch and then keep them in a ziploc in my freezer so they’re ready to go whenever I need them!

Here are some of my favourite combinations:

-raspberry & lemon
-blackberry & mint
-watermelon & jalapeno (remove seeds)
-lime & nectarine
-watermelon & basil
-raspberry & nectarine
-pineapple & raspberry

Get creative!

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