How To Save Your Light Colored Gelish Manicure!

Nude, pink, or any natural Gelish (a brand of light cured polish) color is my absolute favourite.  They go with everything and just look so dang pretty.  They are however, HIGH MAINTENANCE!!  If you get this color often then you know what I’m talking about… they stain like a mo fo!  If you don’t take care of your light colored nails they can be stained and looking pretty nasty within a few days and the whole point of gelish is to not have to worry about your nails for at least two weeks… sigh* being a girl is so hard!

So, how do you get them from not staining and looking like poop? Easy! Here are two simply tricks from my girl Chia has taught me!

1.) As soon as you get home from the salon, apply a clear top coat to your nails, any top coat will do, no need to splurge.  This acts as a shield and instead of staining your Gelish it sticks to the top coat! Remove the top coat and you remove the stain! Don’t forget to reapply though. I suggest doing this at least two to three times a week… I know it seems hard but trust me girl, it is worth it!

2.) Stay away from blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, beats, etc. These foods are crazy bad for staining your nails.  You should be okay if you have applied the topcoat but if you haven’t… watch out!! Use a fork or just stay away.

IMG_5204_edited IMG_5203_edited IMG_5202_edited IMG_5208_edited




A week later and my nails are still looking as fresh as can be!

I hope these simple and easy tricks help save your beautiful neutral nails!  The last time I was getting my nails done Chia mentioned she was going to do a post on how to make your Gelish last!  This girl knows every trick in the book so I will make sure to let you all know when she posts it!

Do you have any mani secrets you can share?! I would love to hear them!