Travel Necessities

I am definitely not a pro traveller but I have been lucky enough to gain some experiences over the last few years.  Through my trips here and there I have learned the items I don’t need to pack, and what is definitely worth lugging through the airport!

1.) Bose Quietcomfort Headphones:  These are a MUST when travelling. They are very expensive but totally worth it.  I don’t have my own… thankfully I have some pretty sweet people in my life who lend me theirs until I can get my hands on my own pair!  I’m a teacher and I love kids, but when I’m on vacation the last thing I want is a screaming baby or toddler in my ear.  Turn on some music or even the white noise and it’s pure bliss.  These also work gloriously if you have a partner who snores like a freight train…

2.) Flat shoes or sneakers.  When on vacation walking is usually a huge part of your trip.  I will admit, in my day to day activities I rarely wear flats but when it comes to vacation I am all about them.  Nothing ruins your day of shopping or exploring like sore feet.  On a side note, how cute are these J Crew flats I got majorly on sale! (The black flats in the picture above)

3.) Lip chap and hand lotion.  I have dry skin to begin with but after being on a plane with all that recycled air I am basically an alligator.  My skin is soooo dry it literally feels like it is going to crack at any moment.   Take a good hand lotion and lip chap and apply it regularly throughout the flight.  I’m only assuming you will be wearing lipstick on your vacation and no one likes cracked dry lips with lipstick!

4.)Caudalie Face Elixir – This spray is a part of my every day beauty regime so it only makes sense it is a must have for me when I travel.  Like I said before, I get so dry from flying.  A spritz of this on the plane and when you land will change your world.  Not only is it a great hydrator, it’s also great for refreshing your make up!  That icky feeling you have after a long flight will be a thing of the past you will feel refreshed and ready to crush vacation mode.

5.)Blanket Scarf- I have talked about my love affair with the blanket scarf in several other posts.  They are an absolute must have for me when travelling.  I’m not sure why, but planes are always so cold and I freeze! A blanket scarf will have you looking chic and will also keep you toasty warm!

6.)Vicks Vapo Rub- Weird I know but hear me out.  There are a million (well, not actually but you get it) things Vicks can be used for.  Put it on your feet to clear up a cold, repels insects, sore muscles, dry lips, headaches, and the list goes on.  I don’t necessarily use it for these when I travel.  I get cold sores… and nothing, I mean nothing, makes me more upset than getting a cold sore.  It never seems to fail the second I’m in vacation mode and my body has a chance to unwind one of those little buggers pops up.  So, the second I feel that tingling sensation, (if you get them you know what I mean) I smother it in Vicks. If you catch it soon enough it might not even surface.  If it does, just keep applying and it will cut the healing time in half!

7.) Ikea Mini Travel Bottles- Any re fillable travel bottles will do but I found these fun colored ones at Ikea for $1.99… I mean honestly, aren’t they just the cutest and you can’t beat that price!

8.) Camera – We (Brandon and I ) travel with his Canon T5I.  You absolutely do not need a professional camera like this but if you do have one I encourage you to take it and snap some good pics!  Photos are the best souvenir you can have… even if it’s just with your phone, snap lots.  Believe me you think you won’t forget but you will.

9.) Face Wipes- Not in the picture above because I had none and had to stop on the way to the airport to grab some! Easy and convenient.   At the end of the night if you’ve had a few to many glasses of wine use these to remove your make up and then crush those nuggets I know you picked up on the way back to your hotel. You’re welcome.

This last piece of advice isn’t an item, it is a task.  If you have a car, fill up with gas before you leave. Going back to work after a vacation is hard enough, getting in your car on Monday morning and realizing you have to fill up with fuel just makes it that much harder.  Also, if you’re like me you credit card is likely smoking from the amount of shopping you’ve done, so it’s nice not to have to swipe it one more time at the pump!

There you have it! My travel necessities. I’m currently in the airport on my way to Vegas for a few days! I will keep you up to date via Instagram… @teachme_style

What are necessities when you travel?

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