#gofurther150 || Adventures With Ford Canada

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the Rider game, a true Saskatchewanian experience! As if going to a Rider game wasn’t already fun enough, experiencing it in the new stadium was unreal! The hot water, mirror’s in the bathroom, and strawberry daiquiris… we’re totally spoiled- that or we were really hard done by in the first place, haha!  I was given tickets to experience Pil Country- which was created to nourish that party/fun atmosphere that all Rider fans can learn to love!  I will admit I’m not the biggest sports go’er so I LOVED this section as a self proclaimed social butterfly, I felt as if I was in my natural habitat floating from group to group chit chatting about this and that.  There was however, one common theme amongst all the conversations I had last night.  It went a little something like this “Holl, how was your camping trip?! It looked hilarious!!!” haha, and that it was.

If you’re not following me on Instagram, (you probably should… you can do that here!) then you may not know what I’m talking about.  Ford Canada reached out a while back to see if I would be interested in taking one of their brand new Ford Explorers out on a little adventure for their #gofurther150 campaign celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!  I without hesitation agreed.  B and I hit up good old Canadian Tire for a camping supplies haul, booked a campsite at Tobin Lake and we were ready!

First stop, (actually more like our 6th by the time B got all the drone footage he wanted and I stopped at every gas station to pee and get candies) we made it to our stop, the old Nipawin bridge! With a little research I found some history on this beautiful Saskatchewan landmark.  Before the bridge was built, early settlers set up a basket on cables as a convenient way of getting across the Saskatchewan River between Nipawin and the communities surrounding Choiceland.  Great for humans to get across the bridge but definitely not ideal for horses.  In 1928, the cable guided Nipawin Ferry was established which was short lived because with the arrival of the railroad construction on the 2 deck Old Nipawin Bridge began eventually connecting the communities on the north and south sides of the Saskatchewan river.

Okay, back to our adventure, boy, what an adventure it was!!! Let’s just say the first night was a bit of a fail as we checked into a hotel due to a major storm but once we recovered from that minor setback it was all sunshine and relaxation!

Because only a video would do our camping shenanigans justice… enjoy!


The Ford Explorer was the perfect vehicle for our camping adventure! A few of my favourite options included the A.C seats, the 11o volt outlet so we could charge our phones and laptops enabling us to stay connected and share all our LOL moments with you, and of course the space, as you can see we needed a lot of supplies for camping and this vehicle had no shortage of room thanks to the folding seats.

A special thanks to Ford Canada for the opportunity to go exploring our beautiful country.  It is opportunities like these that reaffirm just how truly beautiful our own backyard really is!  I am SO proud to be Canadian and more importantly I am so happy to call Saskatchewan, home! #gofurther150