Friday Finds: Activewear & Accessories

If you set new goals of getting fit or even just moving more in 2020 this Friday Finds post is for you. There is nothing like new workout outfit to get me motivated to keep crushing my fitness goals,  you with me?

Speaking of fitness goals, this year I am trying to move every day.  That doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or having an intense workout.  It can be going for a walk with Sunny, finding a quick 20 min workout video on Youtube, or heading to my favourite yoga class! I will continue to go to Orange Theory because I love it,  but if I don’t make it to a class I’m not going to write that day off, instead I will challenge myself to find another form of movement!
Peace tank is from Lady Getz shop it here!

Here’s a few things that caught my eye this week! Some I own and lots I’m lusting over.  I have also linked my favourite American Eagle leggings, the ones that are very similar to the Lululemon Aligns.  I own these and LOVE them.  I don’t workout in the coloured ones as they show sweat, but I do wear the black ones to to the gym and they’re great! I wear a size small- short… if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the Align leggings, I highly suggest these.

If you’re reading this and you’re a regular at the gym, be patient and be kind to those entering or reentering the fitness world. Make people feel comfortable, offer help if they need it, and smile… we often forget what a simple smile means to someone.  I understand January can be annoying for people who hit the gym regularly.  It’s hard to get into classes, the machines and parking lots are full,  BUT everyone has a right to be there. So, instead of making fun of people for using the New Year as a time to set new goals and wishing for people to fall off the band wagon let’s encourage, support and support them!