My Favourite Amazon Purchases

If you’re not an Amazon prime member and you’re debating it… I would 100% recommend it! It is just so easy and convenient andddd you get prime video which has Desperate housewives on it, so that in itself makes it worth it for me haha!

With that being said, here are 3 Amazon prime purchases I use weekly, some even daily.  A few of you guys  have seen me using them on my IG and often ask about the link so her they are:

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

I LOVE this so so much! I have been using it for about 5 months now and I haven’t noticed it damaging my hair which is a good thing.  Keep in mind though, I only wash my once a week!  When I use it, I put my hair in one of those towel turbans and I do my makeup first so that my hair can dry slightly first, then I section it off and start at the bottom and work up to the crown of my head.  It gives me so much volume and straightens my hair at the same time!  I typically will wear my hair straight for a day or two and then curl it on the second or third day. If you want to see a bit of a tutorial on how I do use it, check out my Instagram highlights!

Fabric Shaver

If you don’t have a fabric shaver you NEED one especially in the winter.  This is something I use at least once a week.  It cleans up my sweater sleeves, lulu’s (how annoying is it that you spend $100 and they pill? *eye roll) and my wool coats!

Hand Held Steamer

Full disclosure, this is no the exact one that I have. I got mine a few years and I can’t find it anymore but this one is VERY similar and has the best reviews.  I love how small this one is so I can take it on vacation with me if I need and it doesn’t take up a bunch of space!

Do you have any favourite Amazon purchases?