Fall Transitions

As much as I love summer… Fall has always been, and will continue to be my favorite season of all. There are lots of reasons for me to favorite the season of pumpkin spice but the most obvious is the start of the new school year.  Often people ask me if I dread going back to school and I can honestly say I don’t.  I love having my summers off- I believe they’re necessary to recharge and rejuvenate.  I see the fall as a new beginning.  How many jobs provide you with the opportunity to have a fresh start every single year? A new batch of buttons (children), new books, new day planner, new room set-up, and fresh new ideas… I honestly cannot think of another profession that allows you to have that luxury.  A clean slate, a new start… best feeling ever!!

Anyways, more fall obsessions coming in a future post.  Today I am talking about transitioning your closet from summer to fall.  Now obviously most of your summer dresses need to be packed away for the longgggg winter months, but there are a few pieces that can be transitioned.  I have chosen a few dresses to show you how I will transition them from summer to fall by adding just a few layers!

IMG_2338_edited IMG_2340_edited IMG_2352_edited IMG_2360_edited IMG_2374_edited outfit1IMG_2323_edited IMG_2316_edited IMG_2322_edited  IMG_2290_edited IMG_2291_edited IMG_2282_edited IMG_2281_edited outfit2IMG_2239_edited IMG_2231_edited IMG_2172_edited IMG_2198_edited IMG_2207_edited IMG_2210_edited IMG_2217_edited outfit3

Are you ready for fall fashion? What dresses in your closet will make the shift?

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