Good HYOUman… great sweater

There is nothing like coming home from work and cozying up in your favorite sweats and sweater… this one has quickly become my favorite!

With fall just around the corner I have noticed it is starting to cool off in the evenings.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love heading out for a bike ride, a walk with Sunny, or sitting around a campfire.  This good hYOUman sweater I grabbed from Bella Chic’s last pop-in sale is just the perfect thing to throw on- it is unbelievably soft, super cute, and the story behind the company makes it that much better… more about that here.

Bella Chic, primarily an online store, has an array of styles from the good hYOUman line.  They also have tonnes of other great pieces ranging from graphic tees to dresses and these adorable itty bitty leg warmers… like honestly, how cute are these?!

IMG_1831_edited IMG_1837_edited IMG_1856_edited IMG_1877_edited

As mentioned I grabbed this cute sweater from Bella Chic‘s last pop-in… follow them on instagram and facebook so you don’t miss their upcoming events!

I have been living in this sweater lately. Tell me about your go to cozy sweater!





Ps. Forehead kiss really are underrated 🙂