Fall Staple: Leather Leggings

It’s hard to name just one fall staple but when I think about what I reach for most often it is hands down my Daria leather leggings from Aritzia.  I bought these babies over two years ago and have worn them easily 100 times. They are comfortable and seriously go with everything. Perfect for a night out on the town or even running errands on the weekend leaving you feeling comfortable but still put together. If you have a relaxed dress code you may even be able to wear them to work- I do quite often!

Considering they’re leggings I would say they’re on the pricey side but when I think about how many times I have worn them and the shape they’re in I have no regrets. In fact, if something were to happen to them today I would panic and then order a new pair without thinking twice.

I have thrown together a few looks for you to see just how easy they are to style, they literally go with everything! However, please make sure it goes past your crotch… I treat these pants as I do any leggings. I never wear a shirt or top that doesn’t cover my lady parts. I’m sorry maybe that is a trend but I just can’t. Never have, never will. Good on you if you can pull it off but I’m out!

Aritzia carries this pant from season to season. This year they came out with the Daria legging in a camel suede color. I am not a fan of these as I feel like I look naked! I know suede and textures are huge this season but I’m going to stick with the leather. However, I will let you be the judge!

** If you do buy these pants keep in mind they do stretch out!!  They should be hard to get on when you first try them- don’t let that discourage you.

IMG_4483_edited IMG_4486_edited    IMG_4492_edited





Check back for more styling ideas… the possibilities truly are endless!
What is your favorite fall staple?

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