How To Have The Best Experience With A Makeup Artist

I have had some pretty questionable experiences with makeup artists in my day and I take full responsibility for that.  This past weekend I was in my girlfriend, Caitlin’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful- she is the most organized human I have ever met and it sure paid off.  Her wedding was stunning, went off without a hitch, and was done on a budget… is there anything more?! In the weeks leading to the wedding I texted Caitlin asking her if I could do my own makeup simply because I have had not so great experiences in the past and I am quite confident doing my own make-up.  Caitlin, kindly replied that she would prefer if I got it done as it was a part of the whole experience and that she had already got a quote for all of us.  I agreed but decided I would do everything in my power to make this experience the best it could be…

Here are some tips:

1.) Screenshot makeup looks that you like.  Having a visual for your artist is KEY!  You may think you’re good at explaining what you want but it never seems to turn out the way you want… having that picture allows them to know exactly what you’re wanting.  Also, showing them saves a lot of time.  Most often you’re not their only client so having to explain what you want wastes your time and theirs.

2.) Know your skin.  Dry, oily, combination, sensitive… knowing what kind of skin you have allows them to pick the perfect product for you.  I have very sensitive skin, so I asked Rianna if I could use my own foundation and she was more than happy that I suggested it.  You know your skin better than anyone, remember that!

3.) If it is going to be a long day TELL THEM!  Makeup artist have tonnes of products to help your makeup last forever.  Tell them you want it to stay. Sounds obvious but it will remind them to give you that finishing /setting spray that will allow your makeup application to last flawlessly throughout the day.

4.) Ask for the lipstick.  Rianna was the first artist that has actively given me a “to-go” container of my lipstick.  Not to say others wouldn’t have… but I never asked.  I’m sure if you politely ask they will put some in a container for you.  If you’re really organized you could bring a little capsule in case they don’t have one.  Having the lipstick to reapply throughout the day was a game changer… thanks Rianna!

5.) COMMUNICATE- This has to be one of the most important things.  Often we sit in the chair and let the artist do their thing and then by the end it’s too late.  Don’t be annoying but ask to see yourself after certain phases, especially the eyes.  You can tell them that it’s too dark or not dark enough then instead of making them change it at the end which most times is too late.  Some artist prefer to have a big “reveal” at the end.  Cool concept but I have found that I am almost always disappointed.  A nice way to ask to be involved throughout the process may sound something like “I am not that comfortable with getting my make-up  done would you mind if I had a peak every once in a while to make sure we are on the same page?”  They will appreciate the honesty and will be happy when you’re happy with the end result.

I followed all five these steps and was MORE than happy with the end result.

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Have you had a great experience with a makeup artist? Do you have any tips to share?



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