Australia Recap: Part 1 Noosa

Eeeeek, I am SO excited to finally be sharing the first part of my Australian adventure with you! I had so many questions about where I stayed, who I travelled with, and how I managed to get time off to travel across the globe. Well, here is the first of three posts where I will fill you in on ALL the details!

First things first: yes, I travelled to Australia for just 11 days. For those of you who don’t really know me you may think this is odd, but those who know me well would say “oh, that’s such a Holly thing to do!” I am a very spontaneous person and I thrive off adventures, especially when it comes to travel. Fellow teachers who are curious about how I got time off, I only took two days! Our division had Good Friday and the following week off for spring break. I then used one personal day and took one day at cost of sub. So, I left Friday March 30th, returned on Tuesday, April 11th and was back at work the very next day. Am I jet lagged and exhausted? Yes!!! Was it worth it? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!!
So, if you follow me on IG and you watch my stories then you will know I was ON THE GO!  I technically only had ten days to explore so I didn’t want to waste a minute.

First stop:
Noosa, Queensland
Where we stayed: Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas
Would I recommend this place? Yes, I loved staying here!  We stayed in a one bedroom apartment style room and it was perfect!  I prefer to stay in apartment style places.  Having a mini kitchenette, in room laundry, and mini appliances like a tea kettle for my bedtime tea or a fridge to chill my wine, makes it so cozy! Oh and how could I forget, quite possibly the best part of staying… breakfast was included! And when I say breakfast I mean like full on, freaking amazing breakie! I’m typically not one to eat a lot in the morning but I couldn’t help myself it was that good!

What we did:
Day 1:  I arrived around noon and after travelling for 24 hours I was pretty tired so obviously I was in desperate need of a coffee.  I had been hearing a lot about Australian soy cappuccinos so I was dying to try one… it did not disappoint! After crushing a coffee and some coconut water (I always feel SO dehydrated after flying) we checked into the hotel, I quickly freshened up and we headed out to explore.  We headed straight for the beach and I was in awe, little did I know every beach I would go to would be more beautiful than the last.  The best word I can come up with to describe the beaches in Australia is grand.  I just found them to be so vast and of course, beautiful!!!  Of course this prairie girl was eager, (hesitant of sharks LOL) but SO eager, to dip her toes in the water!  Maybe it was the 24 hour travel day but it felt incredible… so refreshing.

We then headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.  We went to Seasons and it was fantastic!  Great views and the food was amazing. If you have the opportunity to eat here you MUST try the scallop ramen dish… mind blowing!
By this time I was feeling pretty exhausted and so I called it a day.
Day 2:
We fueled up on breakie at our hotel and then headed out on a coastal walk.  This was by far my favourite thing we did in Noosa.  We went into the Noosa National Park and stumbled upon beach after beach and more amazing views than I can count.  We even made our way to the famous Fairy Pools– they were packed with tourists but still SO cool to see.  I highly recommend you seek them out but I would suggest waking up early to hit them up before anyone else!
This took us nearly the whole day and by the time we returned to the hotel we were tired!  We had a bit of a rest and then went for another amazing dinner at Locale.  I had the risotto and it was delicious, you’re going to be hearing that a lot, we had so many amazing meals!
Day 3:  I woke up feeling not so hot which made me feel so sad!!  I tried to push through but I just wasn’t feeling good.  We walked around the town, went to the beach, and just relaxed by the pool which was  so lovely considering we were so busy the day before.  Of course, we went out for another nice dinner this time at a place called  Sum Yung Guys at Sunshine Beach and although I wasn’t feeling all that well I did have a few bites…WOW is all I have to say.  I was SO sad I wasn’t feeling up to eating because it was amazing!!!

The next morning we woke up early, filled up on that great breakie and then hit the road for Byron Bay!
Stay tuned for part 2, I’ll be sharing more of my Aussie adventures!