My Long Distance Travel Must-Haves

Guys! I JUST landed in Australia I’m SO excited!!! Okay, I know what you’re thinking… who in the he (double hockey sticks) goes to Aus for 10 days?! Well you know what, I DO! Hahaha, the opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t think of one reason not to go, because well…YOLO right?! *side note do people still say that? 

I’m not going to lie I was really dreading the flight but I must say it really wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.  How often do you have 15 hours to just watch movies, listen to music, and eat all of the junk food you want… I mean that NEVER happens! Heck, I might do this more often!! lol



I’ll be sharing my daily adventures on Instagram of course, but I’m going to be honest, I likely won’t update this blog a whole lot when I’m here.  I ONLY HAVE TEN DAYS, so I’m going to take it ALL in and then share when I get back, cool?  

I’m currently in Noosa Heads and it’s 5:00 am… turns out jet lag is a real thing, haha! Anyways,  I filled the 15+ hour flight by making a list of my 10 must have travel accessories so here they are:

1.) Headphones… GOOD headphones.   I have the Bose noise cancelling ones and they are worth every penny.  And if they’re not in the budget for you right now, ask Santa, the Easter Bunny, or whoever spoils you on your birthday for them.  They are seriously amazing…

2.) Comfortable shoes. Comfortable pants. Comfortable sweater… you picking up what I’m throwing down?! WEAR ALL OF THE COMFORTABLE THINGS YOU OWN.  Shop my travel OOTD here:

3.)Heating Pad. Okay, this one might not be for everyone but if you freeze on planes like I do then LISTEN UP!  The other day when I was chatting with my mom about the dreadful 15+ hour flight, I constantly kept bringing up being cold.  At one point, I even questioned bringing a heated water bottle LOL I am always THAT cold!!  But, leave it to mama to come through with the idea of the century.  Robax Heatwraps… you guys, HOW BRILLIANT?!  She uses them for football games in the fall if any of you are big fans you might want to add this to your layers!   Leave it to mama… gawd that women just amazes me.

4.) Blanket Scarf.  Not only do they look cute, they also serve as a blanket! Like I said, I’m always freezing so I wear a blanket scarf AND pack a blanket but you know I’m just extra like that.

5.) A backpack.  This is a new must-have for me.  I purchased this Herschel one on my last trip to Hawaii when I was delayed 12 hours, yes you read that right, (UGH) in the Vancouver airport.  How has it taken me this long to realize travelling with a backpack is seriously the best?! Hands free, and the weight is evenly distributed.  Never travelling without one again. What’s next? A fanny pack…LOL I mean they do look handy…

6.) A tote.  I splurged on this Louis Vuitton one for my 30th birthday and I’m so happy I did.  It’s obviously an investment piece but in my mind worth it! Obviously, an LV IS NOT necessary, but some kind of tote that you can throw everything in is! I’ve rounded up a few for you here:

7.) Water bottle.  Because airports charge one million dollars for bottled water and it’s SO annoying.  Staying hydrated while travelling is super important.  You’re going to question this one but I promise it’s worth it! 

8.) Face wipes.  Any flight 8 hours or longer this is a for sure must because recycled air… yuck! Nothing feels better than giving your face a wipe before you freshen up upon the final descent into your destination!

9.) Pillow.  Because 15+ hours is a freaking long time.  Anyone who does this without a pillow deserves a medal.

10.) Compression Socks. My girl Chia told me about this and she knows her stuff… the girl has put on some miles!! I was a little skeptical but decided I would try it and well yup, she was right.  Helps with blood circulation and keeps you from getting cankles so that’s a win.

There ya have it!  Travel made easy(ish)!