4 Ways to Style Your Leather Coat

A nice leather jacket has been a staple item in my closet for as long as I can remember.  I bought my first one when I was still in university.  I was poor AF and I used my line of credit to pay for it (I don’t suggest doing this) but I knew that it was something I would wear year after year, and I was right.   Last month, after years (literally) of looking I found one that I felt was good enough to replace my old one.  I knew I wanted to invest in another real leather one simply because of how long they last and how well they wear.  Leather coats are like wine and women… they get better with age.

I found this one at Aritzia, of course… every time I walk into that damn store I leave poor! I knew that I wanted a moto style simply because it goes with everything!  So to answer the ever so popular question: what is one staple item I should invest in? A quality leather jacket, no questions asked.  You definitely don’t need to buy a real leather one, they make some vegan leather ones that are seriously beautiful.  But if you are in the position to and you’re not vegan I wouldn’t feel bad dumping some money into a quality one. It is something you will wear with EVERYTHING, forever!

So if you’ve had a new leather jacket on your mind take a look at some I’ve linked! I tried my best to find a range in price!